There’s nothing more annoying than a canceled flight. And, depending on the airline someone chooses, the likelihood of a flight cancellation can differ. This blog post answers the questions if American Airlines cancels flights — and if, how often.

Is American Airlines Canceling Flights (and if, how often)?

A Quick Background About Flight Cancellations

Let’s start with the bad news! Almost all airlines in the world cancel flights from time to time. Some of them (have to) cancel more often. Others rarely cancel flights. Moreover, there are tons of reasons for flight cancellations. Some of the reasons are caused by the airline itself: crew shortage, flight delays, or technical issues. However, some it’s not the airline to blame when a flight needs to be canceled. Weather, air traffic control, or airport-related issues are just a few examples of external factors that can cause a flight cancellation.

Is American Airlines Cancelling Flights

Based on the explanation above, you probably might know the answer: Yes, as almost any other airline in the world, American Airlines cancels flights too. Therefore, the more interesting question is: How often does American Airlines cancel flights. We have the answer below!

How often does American Airlines cancel a flight?

As mentioned above, there are tons of reasons for flight cancellations. As a result, the number of cancellations varies from day to day, week to week, month to month, and season to season. First, however, we looked at American Airlines’ cancellation rate in 2021 — here’s the result:

On average, American Airlines canceled 2.5% of its flights in 2021.

Nevertheless, when looking at American Airlines’ monthly performance, the cancellation rate varies enormously. Here are a few examples:

MonthCancellation RateCanceled Flights
January 20215.4%5,000
February 20217.0%7,000
March 20210.7%930
April 20210.6%840
May 20211.1%1,700
June 20212.5%4,300
July 20211.7%3,000
American Airlines’ Cancellation Rates — February-July 2021

Which is the best month to fly with American Airlines?

Of course, there’s no universal answer to this question. However, based on our analysis of hundreds of airlines, two patterns are evident. First of all, airlines cancel more flights during winter. Obviously, this is due to weather conditions. On the other side, airlines tend to cancel more flights during the summer peak.

When looking at the table above, you can quickly identify the same pattern. American Airlines’ cancellation rate in January and February as well as in June and (partially) in July was much higher than in the “off-season” months. Therefore, it is more reliable to fly from March to May and September to November as a rule of thumb.

Data Source

The shown data is based on the latest FlightFacts data. FlightFacts is a free-to-use mobile app that lets you discover the operational performance of airlines and airports in real-time. For more information about FlightFacts, click here or visit our download page. FlightsFacts is available for Android and Apple mobiles and is used by more than 10,000 aviation employees and enthusiasts worldwide!

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Airline Performance Review: Flights, OTP & Cancellations — 19th October


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