The Airline Performance Review brings you the latest performance stats of more than 50 of the world’s biggest airlines. Find out everything about how the world’s big carriers performed in terms of flights, punctuality, and schedule reliability. Here are the stats for 7th October 2021.

Airline Performance Review: Flights, OTP & Cancellations — 7th October

Several times a week, we post the latest stats of the world’s leading airlines. In detail, we look at flight volume, on-time performance, and schedule reliability of the recent day. We analyze the list of airlines currently contains 54 carriers from three continents (Europe, North America, and Asia). Here’s what’s included in detail:

Airline With Most Flights on 7th October 2021
Airline Review: Most Punctual Airlines on 7th October 2021
Airline Review: Least Punctual Airlines on 7th October 2021
Airline Review: Most Reliable Airlines on 7th October 2021
Airline Review: Least Reliable Airlines on 7th October 2021
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Airline Review: Airline With Most Flights on 7th October 2021

American Airlines - Busiest Airlines on 5th October 2021 by flight volume
American Airlines remains the airline with the highest flight volume

As usual, American Airlines remained the world’s biggest airline by flight volume. However, the 7th of October marked a special day: According to our data, American Airlines operated more than 6,000 flights. Compared to the previous day, American Airlines added more than 1,000 flights to its schedule. We will closely monitor how this develops further.

Besides, the top 20 list contains the same airlines as in previous days. However, the ranking slightly changed. Delta reconquered 2nd position and surpassed United Airlines. Moreover, and although Lufthansa added flights, easyJet surpassed the German flag carrier.

Compared to the recent days, Ryanair was surpassed by China Southern and ranks fifth today. However, China Eastern Airlines is also very close behind Ryanair. Besides Ryanair and Turkish Airlines, all European carriers operated less than 1,000 flights.

Also, similar to the last review, there’s no airline from Latin America among the list of the world’s busiest airlines.

1AAAmerican Airlines6,257
2DLDelta Airlines4,430
3UAUnited Airlines4,263
4WNSouthwest Airlines3,442
5CZChina Southern Airlines2,279
6MUChina Eastern Airlines2,179
8CAAir China1,436
10TKTurkish Airlines1,300
11ASAlaska Airlines1,144
14B6JetBLue Airways829
16AFAir France634
17HUHainan Airlines627
18W6Wizz Air619
20BABritish Airways534
Airline Review: Airline With Most Flights on 7th October 2021

Airline Review: Most Punctual Airlines on 7th October 2021

On 5th October, Oman Air —once again— conquers the title "most punctual airline"
On 6th October, Oman Air —once again— conquers the title “most punctual airline.”

For several consecutive days, Oman Air remains the most punctual airline. Moreover, that Muscat-based airline —once again— achieved 100% punctuality. However, again we have to mention that Oman Air is operating a minimal flight volume at the moment.

Aer Lingus also continued to deliver exceptional on-time performance. The Irish flag carrier even improved its performance beyond 89% Besides, the big Chinese carriers closed the day —again— with a strong on-time performance.

After many days we can also welcome a North American airline to the list of the most punctual airlines: With 91.4%, Alaska Airlines delivered a solid performance.

1WYOman Air100,0%
2EIAer Lingus98,9%
3CAAir China94,2%
4UXAir Europa93,3%
6KUKuwait Airways93,2%
7LOLOT Polish Airlines93,1%
8VSVirgin Atlantic92,9%
9MUChina Eastern Airlines92,6%
14ASAlaska Airlines91,4%
15CZChina Southern Airlines91,4%
Airline Review: Most Punctual Airlines on 7th October 2021

Airline Review: Least Punctual Airlines on 7th October 2021

File:TC-IZK at STR.jpg

Let’s have a look at the airlines with poor on-time performance on the 7th of August. Etihad handed over the unwanted trophy of the most unpunctual airlines to Pegasus Airlines today. Pegasus seemed to have an extremely tough day. As a result, the Turkish airline operated only 64.8% of its flights on time.

Finnair and Alitalia can be found at the bottom too — with the punctuality of some 70%.

40A3Aegean Airlines83,0%
41HUHainan Airlines82,8%
42SKSAS – Scandinavian Airlines82,0%
44AIAir India80,2%
47GFGulf Air78,7%
48WNSouthwest Airlines78,2%
51G9Air Arabia75,4%
54PCPegasus Airlines64,8%

Airline Review: Most Reliable Airlines on 7th October 2021

Airport, Balls, Zurich, Landing, Easyjet, Heaven

For many days, Ryanair led the list of the most reliable airlines. Today, easyJet conquered that title. Again, all airlines in the top 15 did not cancel a single flight. Therefore, we ranked the airlines according to their flight volume in a second step.

RankIATAAirlineReliabilityCanceled Flights
2W6Wizz Air100,0%0
3BABritish Airways100,0%0
6LOLOT Polish Airlines100,0%0
7OSAustrian Airlines100,0%0
8TPTAP Air Portugal100,0%0
12G9Air Arabia100,0%0
13SNBrussels Airlines100,0%0
14UXAir Europa100,0%0
15A3Aegean Airlines100,0%0
Airline Review: Most Reliable Airlines on 7th October 2021

Airline Review: Least Reliable Airlines on 7th October 2021

GoAir (GoFirsT) canceled 20% of its schedule on 5th of October
GoAir (GoFirsT) canceled 30% of its schedule on the 7th of October

GoAir continued its weak performance in terms of schedule reliability. Even worse: On 7th October, the number of cancellations increased to 30%. However, with more than 200 cancellations, China Eastern reported the most cancellations on that day.

Moreover, it is interesting to see that Emirates and other Middle East airlines have started to cancel flights again. Check out this article to find out more about the reasons behind it!

RankIATAAirlineReliabilityCanceled Flights
40KUKuwait Airways97,7%1
42GFGulf Air97,3%2
43HUHainan Airlines97,0%19
44SKSAS – Scandinavian Airlines96,9%16
45CAAir China95,9%59
46AIAir India95,4%15
47CZChina Southern Airlines94,9%117
48WYOman Air94,7%1
50SVSaudi Arabian Airlines92,4%38
53MUChina Eastern Airlines90,8%200
Airline Review: Least Reliable Airlines on 7th October 2021


Contained Airlines

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Flight Volume
In our case, we define flight volume as the number of flights the airline will perform in a certain period, September 2021.

Punctuality counts all flights that arrive on time at their destination airport and puts them into relation to the overall operated number of flights. On-time in this context is defined as +15/-15 compared to the scheduled arrival time. We consider an on-time performance above 90% as good (green), from 80%-90% as ok (orange), and below 80% as weak (red).

Flight Schedule Reliability (Reliability)
Schedule reliability counts the number of actually performed flights concerning scheduled flights. In other words, the percentage of flights that an airline didn’t cancel. We consider schedule reliability above 95% as good (green), from 90%-95% as ok (orange), and below 90% as weak (red).

Data Source

The shown data is based on the latest FlightFacts data. FlightFacts is a free-to-use mobile app that lets you discover the operational performance of airlines and airports in real-time. For more information about FlightFacts, click here or visit our download page. FlightsFacts is available for Android and Apple mobiles and is used by more than 10,000 aviation employees and enthusiasts worldwide!

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