Here’s the latest operational data from 38 renowned European and Middle East airlines. As always, we’ve benchmarked flight volume, on-time performance, and cancellations. Here are the results!

Daily Airline Performance & Operations Benchmark — 20th September '21

Airline Performance Benchmark — What it is about?

The Daily Airline Performance & Operations Benchmark brings you operational key figures of 38 European and Middle East airlines. Moreover, it provides you with the most up-to-date operational data. The benchmark looks into three categories: flight volume, on-time performance, and cancellations on one specific day. On top of that, we provide corresponding data from the day before, the same day last week, and the monthly average.

The shown values are based on internal data sources. If you want to get access to airline performance figures in real-time on your mobile, click here.

Airline Performance Benchmark: Flight Volume, 20th September

In our case, we define flight volume as the number of flights the airline performed on one specific day: 19th September 2021.

19. Sept.
vs. Day beforevs. Same day
last week
vs. Monthly
A3Aegean Airlines127-9%2%-2%
AFAir France6725%0%3%
BABritish Airways512-3%6%5%
EIAer Lingus101-12%1%1%
G9Air Arabia105-12%8%-15%
GFGulf Air78-7%0%-2%
KUKuwait Airways42-9%0%-12%
LOLOT Polish Airlines24719%-2%7%
LXSwiss Air Lines230-24%-1%-8%
OSAustrian Airlines245-6%-3%-2%
QRQatar Airways455-2%2%-2%
S7S7 Airlines417-2%-1%-2%
SKSAS Scandinavian Airlines5204%2%12%
SNBrussels Airlines153-1%-2%5%
TKTurkish Airlines1,288-6%-2%-4%
TPTAP Air Portugal234-16%5%3%
UXAir Europa135-12%-1%-4%
VSVirgin Atlantic40-11%-13%-21%
W6Wizz Air6863%-17%-8%
WYOman Air10-72%-17%-74%
Airline Performance Benchmark: Flight Volume, 20th September

Airline Performance Benchmark: On-Time Performance, 20th September

Punctuality counts all flights that arrive on time at their destination airport and puts them into relation to the overall operated number of flights. On-time in this context is defined as +15/-15 compared to the scheduled arrival time. We consider an on-time performance above 90% as good, from 80%-90% as ok, and below 80% as weak.

IATAAirlineOTP 20th Sept.vs. day beforevs. same day last weekvs. monthly avg.
A3Aegean Airlines76,4%-3,6 pp-11,6 pp-6,0 pp
AFAir France87,2%4,2 pp-4,3 pp-1,4 pp
AYFinnair90,9%6,8 pp3,8 pp0,5 pp
AZAlitalia86,2%-2,5 pp-4,2 pp-1,1 pp
BABritish Airways88,3%7,2 pp1,9 pp0,7 pp
DPPobeda77,6%-3,2 pp-1,5 pp-7,3 pp
EIAer Lingus96,0%-3,1 pp-1,0 pp-0,1 pp
EKEmirates93,2%7,0 pp-1,2 pp0,1 pp
EWEurowings95,6%13,3 pp-1,4 pp3,7 pp
EYEtihad88,0%6,1 pp-5,4 pp1,3 pp
FRRyanair86,7%5,2 pp-0,8 pp-0,6 pp
FZFlydubai86,7%6,8 pp-0,3 pp-3,1 pp
G9Air Arabia94,3%15,3 pp0,5 pp7,1 pp
GFGulf Air89,7%-4,3 pp-1,3 pp-4,3 pp
IBIberia93,1%0,4 pp1,1 pp-0,5 pp
KLKLM86,7%1,9 pp-3,8 pp-2,6 pp
KUKuwait Airways95,2%3,9 pp4,8 pp4,3 pp
LHLufthansa84,8%19,3 pp3,1 pp2,8 pp
LOLOT Polish Airlines89,5%0,1 pp-5,7 pp-1,8 pp
LXSwiss Air Lines83,9%17,4 pp-0,6 pp-2,4 pp
OSAustrian Airlines90,2%7,5 pp0,5 pp-2,4 pp
PCPegasus83,2%4,9 pp0,7 pp1,3 pp
QRQatar Airways92,1%8,8 pp0,9 pp4,5 pp
S7S7 Airlines91,4%0,7 pp1,8 pp-1,4 pp
SKSAS Scandinavian Airlines84,4%11,6 pp-1,2 pp-3,5 pp
SNBrussels Airlines75,8%-1,0 pp-9,4 pp-10,3 pp
SUAeroflot94,4%2,6 pp-1,2 pp-1,3 pp
SVSaudia90,7%-2,2 pp-3,0 pp-2,6 pp
TKTurkish Airlines85,7%3,4 pp-2,4 pp-1,7 pp
TPTAP Air Portugal88,0%12,1 pp7,9 pp1,4 pp
U2easyJet85,0%2,3 pp-4,2 pp-4,3 pp
UXAir Europa92,6%3,6 pp-2,3 pp-0,9 pp
VSVirgin Atlantic92,5%1,4 pp1,2 pp0,0 pp
VYVueling92,3%-3,9 pp-3,4 pp-2,6 pp
W6Wizz Air81,6%6,0 pp-4,9 pp-2,6 pp
WFWideroe’s91,8%2,2 pp6,7 pp-0,3 pp
WYOman Air100,0%0,0 pp8,3 pp4,1 pp
XYFlynas88,6%-3,2 pp-5,9 pp-3,9 pp
Airline Performance Benchmark: On-Time Performance,20th September

Airline Performance Benchmark: Cancellation Rate, 20th September

Schedule reliability counts the number of actually performed flights concerning scheduled flights. In other words, the percentage of flights that an airline didn’t cancel. We consider schedule reliability above 95% as good, from 90%-95% as ok, and below 90% as weak.

IATAAirlineCancellation Rate 20th Sept.vs. day beforevs. same day last weekvs. monthly average
A3Aegean Airlines0,0%0,0 pp0,0 pp0,0 pp
AFAir France0,0%-0,2 pp-0,6 pp-0,5 pp
AYFinnair0,0%0,0 pp0,0 pp-0,1 pp
AZAlitalia0,0%0,0 pp0,0 pp-1,8 pp
BABritish Airways0,2%0,2 pp0,2 pp-0,6 pp
DPPobeda0,0%0,0 pp0,0 pp0,0 pp
EIAer Lingus0,0%0,0 pp0,0 pp0,0 pp
EKEmirates9,8%1,2 pp9,8 pp7,2 pp
EWEurowings0,0%-0,5 pp0,0 pp-0,5 pp
EYEtihad0,0%-0,9 pp-2,2 pp-1,7 pp
FRRyanair0,1%0,1 pp0,0 pp0,0 pp
FZFlydubai3,0%0,5 pp3,0 pp0,8 pp
G9Air Arabia1,0%1,0 pp1,0 pp0,8 pp
GFGulf Air1,3%-3,5 pp1,3 pp-3,7 pp
IBIberia0,0%0,0 pp0,0 pp-0,1 pp
KLKLM0,0%-0,2 pp0,0 pp-0,1 pp
KUKuwait Airways0,0%0,0 pp0,0 pp-4,5 pp
LHLufthansa0,1%-0,1 pp-0,3 pp-0,2 pp
LOLOT Polish Airlines0,0%0,0 pp-0,4 pp-0,2 pp
LXSwiss Air Lines0,0%0,0 pp-0,4 pp-0,4 pp
OSAustrian Airlines0,0%0,0 pp-0,8 pp-0,3 pp
PCPegasus0,0%0,0 pp0,0 pp-0,1 pp
QRQatar Airways0,4%0,4 pp0,4 pp0,1 pp
S7S7 Airlines0,0%0,0 pp0,0 pp-0,2 pp
SKSAS Scandinavian Airlines5,0%4,2 pp0,3 pp2,5 pp
SNBrussels Airlines0,0%-0,6 pp0,0 pp-0,3 pp
SUAeroflot0,1%0,1 pp-0,1 pp-0,1 pp
SVSaudia5,1%0,1 pp-3,5 pp-2,7 pp
TKTurkish Airlines0,6%0,2 pp0,2 pp0,2 pp
TPTAP Air Portugal1,7%1,7 pp1,7 pp1,5 pp
U2easyJet0,0%-0,5 pp0,0 pp-0,2 pp
UXAir Europa1,5%1,5 pp1,5 pp1,2 pp
VSVirgin Atlantic0,0%0,0 pp0,0 pp-6,4 pp
VYVueling0,0%0,0 pp-0,2 pp-0,1 pp
W6Wizz Air0,0%-0,2 pp0,0 pp-0,2 pp
WFWideroe’s0,0%0,0 pp-0,5 pp-1,0 pp
WYOman Air20,0%14,4 pp20,0 pp16,8 pp
XYFlynas12,1%8,8 pp2,7 pp7,8 pp
Airline Performance Benchmark: Cancellation Rate, 20th September

Data Source

The shown ranking and contained data are based on the latest FlightFacts data. FlightFacts is a free-to-use mobile app that lets you discover the operational performance of airlines in real-time. For more information about FlightFacts, click here or visit our download page. FlightsFacts is available for Android and Apple mobiles.

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Daily Airline Performance & Operations Benchmark — 19th September ’21


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