Weekly Airline Performance Analysis: Lufthansa, Swiss, Austrian & Eurowings

Here's another Weekly Airline Performance Airlines Analysis that mainly looks at the Lufthansa Group. Therefore, we analyzed flight volume, punctuality, and regularity of Lufthansa, Swiss International Air Lines, Austrian Airlines, and Eurowings. Enjoy!

After publishing many Lufthansa-specific analyses, we wanted to take a broader view of the group’s performance. Therefore, besides Lufthansa, we selected Swiss International Air Lines, Austrian Airlines, and Eurowings for today’s weekly airline performance analysis. As always, we looked at the flight volume, their punctuality, and the number of cancellations. Here are the results!

Lufthansa, Swiss, Austrian & Eurowings — Flight Volume Benchmark

When comparing the flight volume of the four airlines from 1st to 5th September, Lufthansa —unsurprisingly— operates the largest amount of flights. However, compared to Ryanair or Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa still lacks some volume. Eurowings surpassed Austrian Airlines and Swiss Air Lines and operated 30% more flights than the Swiss and Austrian flag carriers. On the other side, Swiss and Austrian have operated almost the identical amount of flights from 1st to 5th September: 1,300.

Lufthansa – Flight Volume 1st-5th September
Austrian Airlines – Flight Volume 1st-5th September
Swiss International Air Lines – Flight Volume 1st-5th September
Eurowings – Flight Volume 1st-5th September

Lufthansa, Swiss, Austrian & Eurowings — Punctuality Benchmark

When comparing the punctuality of the Lufthansa Group airlines, Austrian Airlines stands out with a robust on-time performance of 95.6% so far in September. Eurowings, which delivered an extraordinary performance in July, continues to provide a solid performance. As a result, Eurowings has achieved a punctuality level of 92.8% so far in September. Swiss International Air Lines is also above the important 90% level and has operated punctuality of 90.7%.

On the other side, Lufthansa is the only carrier of the four that has achieved an on-time performance below 90% so far in September. However, with 87.5%, Lufthansa is also weaker than many competitors, such as Ryanair, Aeroflot, or easyJet.

Lufthansa – On-Time Performance 1st-5th September
Austrian Airlines – On-Time Performance 1st-5th September
Swiss International Air Lines – On-Time Performance 1st-5th September
Eurowings – On-Time Performance 1st-5th September

Lufthansa, Swiss, Austrian & Eurowings — Regularity Benchmark

Since we always receive some questions, here’s the explanation of this indicator first. Regularity reflects the number of flights that have been operated in relation to total scheduled flights. In other words: Regularity reflects the percentage of flights that have not been canceled. Overall, this value should be above 99%.

Overall, all of the Lufthansa Group airlines achieved solid results in terms of reliability resp. cancellations. Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines delivered the best performance with 99.7% resp. 99.8% reliability. However, Swiss International Air Lines and Eurowings are close behind and operated with a 99.4% regularity.

Lufthansa – Regularity 1st-5th September
Austrian Airlines – Regularity 1st-5th September
Swiss International Air Lines – Regularity 1st-5th September
Eurowings – Regularity 1st-5th September

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