Contrary to the overall trend, Qatar Airways and China’s top airlines continued their growth path on Facebook. Here’s the detailed ranking of the world’s top 100 airlines on Facebook.

Qatar and China Dominate Growth on Facebook

Key Take-Aways
Top 3 Airlines on Facebook
Ranks 1 – 20
Rank 21 -40
Ranks 41 – 60
Ranks 61 – 80
Ranks 81 – 100

Qatar & China’s Airlines Dominates — Key Take Aways

If you don’t have time to go through the complete ranking, we put together the essential key takeaways.

Overall, Airlines Gain 1.2 mil additional Likes on Facebook.
During the last month, the top 100 airlines gained 1.2 million additional likes of their company pages. However, and as discussed below, the growth is almost solely driven by Qatar Airways and China’s airlines. In fact, most of the others airlines maintained their likes or had to report a slight increase/decrease of likes. Since the airline industry currently rebounds from COVID-19, we’ve expected more substantial other airlines’ growth.

China’s Airlines Are Top Gainers
As already mentioned, China’s airlines are the top gainers. And to be more precise: This is about China Southern Airlines and China Eastern Airlines. Together, the two carriers account for one-third of the entire like growth during the last month. China Southern managed to increase its likes by almost 300,000, whereas China Eastern grew by 110,000.

Qatar Airways Play in its own League!
And then there is Qatar Airways. The Gulf carrier seems to play in its own league when it comes to Facebook. Qatar Airways managed to grow Likes by almost 750,000 in only one month! As a result, Qatar Airways can be proud of 23.2 mils. Likes on Facebook: That’s almost ten million likes more than KLM on rank two.

Top 3 Airlines on Facebook

Before we dive into the details, let’s cheer the top 3 airlines on Facebook.

#1 — Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways remains the king of Facebook. With 23.2M likes, Qatar Airways has no match in the market. Moreover, unlike most airlines among the top airlines on Facebook, Qatar Airways increased its like-count further.

Airline Information
Qatar Airways is the flag carrier of Qatar. Founded in 1993, the airline today operates a fleet of 235 aircraft. The fleet consists of different Airbus types (A319, A320, A321, A330, A350, A380) and Boeing aircraft (B777). The airline has more than 50,000 employees and operates flights to 170 destinations.

Qatar Airways  — #1 Airline Facebook Ranking
Qatar Airways — #1 Airline Facebook Ranking

#2 — KLM

Similar to the last ranking, KLM wins the silver medal for second-most likes on Facebook. However, with 14.1M likes, the gap to Qatar Airways is quite significant. Moreover, KLM (again) witnessed a slight decrease in terms of likes compared to last month.

Airline Information
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is the flag carrier of the Netherlands. The airline is part of the Air France / KLM airline group. With a fleet of almost 120 aircraft, KM operates flights to 145 destinations. KLM’s aircraft fleet consists of Airbus A330 and Boeing B737, B777 as well, as B787. In 2019, KLM had 35,000 employees and transported 35 million passengers.

KLM — #2 Airline Facebook Ranking
KLM — #2 Airline Facebook Ranking (By Styyx – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0)

#3 — LATAM

Again, similar to last month’s ranking, LATAM ranks third on the list of the biggest airlines on Facebook. LATAM was able to increase the number of likes slightly (+0.1). Accordingly, the gap to KLM gets smaller — however, with 600.000 likes, the gap still is significant.

Airline Information
LATAM is the largest airline group in South America, with subsidiaries in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, and Peru. The airline operates a combined fleet of more than 300 aircraft from hubs in different countries. Moreover, LATAM operates flights to more than 120 destinations. Pre-COVID, the airline had 43,000 employees.

LATAM — #3 Airline Facebook Ranking
LATAM — #3 Airline Facebook Ranking — Source: Wikipedia

Airline Facebook Ranking 1 — 20

The top 20 looks quite dull from a ranking point-of-view since there’s no single change in rank. Nevertheless, we found two exciting aspects. First, the vast majority of the top 20 airlines on Facebook were again unable to increase their likes.

Most of the airlines recorded either a decrease in likes or minimal increases. Moreover, this is a trend we’ve already observed with last month’s ranking. It will be interesting to monitor how this develops during the summer.

Secondly, and as already mentioned, Qatar, as wells as China Eastern and China Southern, make the difference. As a result, all three carriers were able to increase their likes massively.

PositionAirlineCountryLikesvs. Prev. Month (Abs.)vs. Prev. Month (%)
1 (1)Qatar AirwaysQatar23.2M+736,9593.2
2 (2)KLMNetherlands14.1M-13,458-
3 (3)LATAMChile13.5M+26,6380.1
4 (4)AirAsiaMalaysia12.5M-978-
5 (5)EmiratesUnited Arab Emirates10.7M-2,573-
6 (6)Turkish AirlinesTurkey10.6M-3,894-
7 (7)China Southern AirlinesChina10.5M+297,732+2.9
8 (8)Air FranceFrance7.3M-1,755-
9 (9)SaudiaSaudi Arabia6.5M-6,782-0.1
10 (10)Southwest AirlinesUnited States6.2M+3,385
11 (11)VietJetVietnam5.5M-6,685-0.1
12 (12)Cebu PacificPhilippines5.4M+2,454-
13 (13)RyanairIreland4.9M+811-
14 (14)EtihadUnited Arab Emirates4.6M+890-
15 (16)China Eastern AirlinesChina4.5M+109,331+2.4
16 (15)VolarisMexico4.4M+15,606+0.3
17 (17)AzulBrazil4.0M-3,351
18 (18)Singapore AirlinesSingapore4.0M-4,175-0.1
19 (19)LufthansaGermany3.9M-3,809-
20 (20)Philippine AirlinesPhilippines3.8M+8,909+0.2

Airline Facebook Ranking 21 — 40

Overall, the picture at positions 21-40 looks similar to the top twenty. However, we observed three interesting aspects worth mentioning:

Like last month’s ranking, Ethiopian Airlines (rank 36) is the only airline that has grown its fan base by 1%. Therefore, it is likely that Ethiopian will climb one or two ranks next month(s). Secondly, Wizz Air managed to climb two positions and leave Delta Air Lines and British Airways behind. That’s an amazing result — however, driven by a small increase of likes (6,679). And third, All Nippon Airlines and Garuda Indonesia swap positions. The interesting fact here: The change was solely driven by a loss of likes.

PositionAirlineCountryLikesvs. Prev. Month (Abs.)vs. Prev. Month (%)
21 (21)GOLBrazil3.5M-2,799-
22 (22)Japan AirlinesJapan3.4M-5,693-0.1
23 (25)Wizz AirHungary3.2M+6,679+0.2
24 (23)Delta Air LinesUnited States3.2M+800-
25 (24)British AirwaysUnited Kingdom3.2M+403-
26 (26)Thai AirwaysThailand3.0M-2,637-
27 (27)AviancaColombia2.9M+1,570-
28 (28)American AirlinesUnited States2.5M+2,861+0.1
29 (29)Malaysia AirlinesMalaysia2.4M-8,022-0.3
30 (31)Garuda IndonesiaIndonesia2.0M-647-
31 (30)All Nippon AirlinesJapan2.0M-3,742-0.1
32 (32)Vietnam AirlinesVietnam2.0M+4,476+0.2
33 (33)Air New ZealandNew Zealand2.0M-231-
34 (34)Cathay PacificChina1.9M-643-
35 (35)Aerolineas ArgentinaArgentina1.9M-480-
36 (36)Ethiopian AirlinesEthiopia1.9M+21,040+1.1
37 (37)IberiaSpain1.8M+1,446-
38 (38)Viva AerobusMexico1.8M+4,915+0.2
39 (39)easyjetUnited Kingdom1.7M+994-
40 (40)Alaska AirlinesUnited States1.6M-575-

Airline Facebook Ranking 41 — 60

With ranks 41 to 60, boredness continues. Most of the airlines reported a tiny decrease or increased in terms of likes. However, air Arabia and Egyptair are among the top gainers, rising by 0.5% compared to last month.

PositionAirlineCountryLikesvs. Prev. Month (Abs.)vs. Prev. Month (%)
41 (41)Oman AirOman1.5M-1,437-
42 (42)Air CanadaCanada1.5M-1,056-
43 (43)QantasAustralia1.5M-361-
44 (44)JetBlueUnited States1.4M+957-
45 (45)Air ArabiaUnited Arab Emirates1.4M+8,680+0.5
46 (46)EgyptairEgypt1.4M+7,457+0.5
47 (47)AlitaliaItaly1.4M+733-
48 (48)TAPPortugal1.4M+775-
49 (49)United AirlinesUnited States1.3M-1,270-
50 (50)Pegasus AirlinesTurkey1.3M-634-
51 (51)Swiss InternationalSwitzerland1.2M-1,429-0.1
52 (52)TransaviaNetherlands1.2M+1,724+0.1
53 (53)SASSweden1.2M-701-
54 (54)SpiceJetIndia1.2M-2,141-0.1
55 (55)Jeju AirlinesSouth Korea1.2M-1,776-0.1
56 (56)VuelingSpain1.2M+2,130+0.1
57 (57)GoAirIndia1.0M-2,532-0.2
58 (58)WestJetCanada1.0M-457-
59 (59)AeroflotRussia1.0M-1,630-0.1
60 (60)JetstarAustralia999K-883-

Airline Facebook Ranking 61 — 80

The positions 61 to 80 are again similar to the parts of the ranking: Not much progress. Moreover, it seems like almost nothing happened here. But: There’s one exemption. Royal Air Maroc managed to grow its likes by nearly 14,000 (+1.8%). That’s particularly interesting since Royal Air Maroc also grew its Twitter fan base massively. Therefore, it seems that Royal Air Maroc is doing an excellent job on social media right now.

PositionAirlineCountryLikesvs. Prev. Month (Abs.)vs. Prev. Month (%)
61 (61)EurowingsGermany969K-636-
62 (62)NOK AirlinesThailand944K-10-
63 (63)Virgin AtlanticUnited Kingdom827K-413-
64 (64)IndigoIndia811K-76-
65 (65)Royal Air MarocMorocco775K+13,725+1.8
66 (66)Aegean AirlinesGreece719K+1,100+0.1
67 (67)Frontier AirlinesUnited States715K+4,005+0.5
68 (68)HK AirlinesChina705K-4-
69 (69)Air EuropaSpain668K+1,092+0.1
70 (70)FinnairFinland650K+237-
71 (71)Hawaiian AirlinesUnited States628K+51-
72 (72)Royal JordanianJordan626K+512-
73 (73)Air IndiaIndia566K-49-
74 (74)Gulf AirBahrain555K+330-
75 (75)Korean AirSouth Korea551K-479-
76 (76)Aer LingusIreland501K+89-
77 (77)CondorGermany493K+266-
78 (78)Jazeera AirwaysKuwait432K-164-
79 (79)Caribbean AirlinesTrinidad429K+516+0.1
80 (80)El AlIsrael409K-341-

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Airline Facebook Ranking 81 — 100

When looking at the rest of the pack, we can see some progress. Allegiant, Spirit Airlines, Kuwait Airways, and Volotea are among the top gainers in this area.

PositionAirlineCountryLikesvs. Prev. Month (Abs.)vs. Prev. Month (%)
81 (81)Austrian AirlinesAustria407K+178-
82 (82)Middle East AirlinesLebanon400K-133-
83 (83)airBalticLatvia378K+1,224+0.3
84 (84)LOT Polish AirlinesPoland333K+1,093+0.3
85 (85)Air SerbiaSerbia302K-81-
86 (86)AllegiantUnited States296K+2,271+0.7
87 (87)CitilinkIndonesia281K+88-
88 (88)Air NamibiaNamibia279K-627-0.2
89 (89)Kuwait AirwaysKuwait278K2,635+0.9
90 (90)VoloteaSpain268K+1,940+0.7
91 (91)S7 AirlinesRussia175K-57-
92 (92)Air DolomitiItaly174K-81-
93 (93)Croatia AirlinesCroatia153K+129-
94 (94)Spirit AirlinesUnited States113K+2,398+2.1
95 (95)Flair AirlinesCanada97K+737+0.7
96 (96)Edelweiss AirAustria84K+26-
97 (97)Czech AirlinesCzech Republic60K+287+0.4
98 (98)Batik AirIndonesia53K+42-
99 (99)UtairRussia36K-9-
100 (100)Lion AirIndonesia6K32+0.4

Airline Facebook Ranking July 2021

Each month we check hundreds of airlines according to their performance on Facebook. As one result, we analyze the number of Likes each of the airline’s corporate pages has. Therefore, the results shown on this post reflect the number of company pages Likes as of 9th July 2021.

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