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60 Crazy Aviation Facts you Have to Know!

The aviation world is one of the most fascinating industries. And it is an industry full of secrets, myths, and unbelievable facts. With this blog, we are going to unravel some of the craziest aviation facts about airlines, airports, or simply traveling. Discover an amazing list of aviation facts you definitely haven't known before!

Crazy Aviation Facts — The Idea behind

Before we dive into the world of crazy aviation facts let me provide some context. The crazy aviation facts you are going to read have been gathered across dozens of websites. Although we try to validate each fact we do not take any responsibility for the correctness. In case you think a fact isn’t correct feel free to hit me up on Twitter and let me know!

So what’s the idea behind this source for crazy aviation facts? Actually, we just felt that it is time to build this source. Since we are aviation enthusiasts and always try to impress other people with aviation facts, it just made sense to collect the facts.

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And one last thing, before you start to explore 60 of the craziest aviation facts. In case you don’t like reading we have something special for you. With the world’s only web show about crazy aviation facts, we regularly present the facts as videos. Head over to YouTube or IGTV to tune in! Here’s a little appetizer!

The Craziest Aviation Facts (1-10)

#01 Outer Space
#02 Growth Potential
#03 Why You Like Tomato Juice
#04 The Olive Case
#05 Safety Is First
#06 Aerophobia!
#07 Don’t Drink Tap Water!
#08 Digital Revolution
#09 Crazy Millionaires
#10 Emotional Flights

The Craziest Aviation Facts (11-20)

#11 Safety Again
#12 Cable Guy
#13 Transatlantic
#14 Let’s Fly Business Class
#15 Busy Route
#16 Disgusting
#17 Food On Planes
#18 Beardless
#19 The Chicken Gun
#20 Fatality

The Craziest Aviation Facts (21-30)

#21 Passengers On 747
#22 Air Force One
#23 The Busiest International Route
#24 To The Moon And Back
#25 Lost Bags
#26 Bye, bye Bermuda Trianlge
#27 Sweat, sweat Bay
#28 Plane Crashes Again
#29 Supersonic
#30 Mini Vans


The Craziest Aviation Facts (31-40)

#31 Parts in a 747
#32 Sleeping Pilots
#33 A380’s Wingspan
#34 Is there a transportation mode that is safer than air travel?
#35 Surviving a plane crash
#36 Alcohol in first class
#37 The first flight around the world
#38 The first flight attendant
#39 Boeing 747 fuel burn
#40 Serving the most countries

The Craziest Aviation Facts (41-50)

#41 Passenger Weight
#42 Coloured Black Boxes
#43 What happens if someone dies on a plane?
#44 Singapore Airline’s Wine Bill
#45 JFK Airport
#46 Single-Engine Operations
#47 World’s safest airline
#48 Winglet Size
#49 The first non-stop flight around the world!
#50 Death Valley and aircraft

The Craziest Aviation Facts (51-60)

#51 Fuel Efficiency
#52 Different Meals
#53 2 Hours 56 Minutes
#54 100% Delays
#55 Punctual Airports
#56 22.5 Million Facebook Followers
#57 Most valuable airline — temporarily
#58 Most successful airline on Twitter
#59 Profitable despite Corona!
#60 Most Successful Airline On Instagram

Tune in to the Crazy Aviation Facts Show!

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