In June, the world’s most valuable airlines continued their market cap decline and lost more than 12 Billion USD. As a result, since May 2021, the 50 most valuable airlines lost almost 50 Billion US Dollars.

World's Most Valuable Airlines Lose 12 Billion

With the 3rd issue of the airline market cap report, we have to report another market cap decrease of the world’s most valuable airlines. In June, airlines lost 12 Billion USD in market capitalization. If you want to recap quickly, here’s the May and June report.

Here’s an overview of what’s contained in the report

Key Takeaways

If you don’t have time to read through the entire report, here are the most important key takeaways.

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50 most valuable airlines lose 4% of their value
The second month in a row, the market capitalization of the 50 most valuable airlines decreased. As a result, the combined market capitalization of the carriers shrunk by 12 Billion USD from 326 in June to 314 Billion US Dollars.

Air France, Air Transport Services, Icelandair, and Air Asia are the biggest winners.
Although most airlines had to report a market cap decrease, some carriers recorded a massive increase. Air France leads the list of the top gainers, with a rise of 32.5%, followed by Icelandair (+22.6%) and the U.S. Air Transport Services (+18.8%). In addition, Air Asia rebounded from its massive decrease in June (-18%) and recorded a value increase of 14.5%.

Air Canada, Hawaiian Airlines, Jin Air, and T’Way record a double-digit value decrease
South Korean Jin Air leads the list of the biggest losers with a decrease of 14.4% in market share. The airline currently has a market cap of 0.83 Billion USD. T’Way, another South Korean airline, follows with a decrease of 13.3%. Hawaiian Airlines continues its decline: After losing 9% of value in May, the airline records another reduction of 11.4%. Air Canada’s downtrend has also accelerated. After a loss of 3% in May, Air Canada’s market value dropped by 10.8% in June.

Top 3 Most Valuable Airlines

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines defend the first position and continues to be the world’s most valuable airline. With a market capitalization of 31.7 Billion USD, the U.S. carrier is more valuable than the combined value of Europe’s biggest airlines groups (Lufthansa, IAG, and Air France/KLM). However, Southwest had to record a decrease of 5.4% during the recent months.

Airline Information
Southwest is one the major airline of the United States and the world’s biggest low-cost carrier. The carrier operates an incredible fleet of 733 aircraft from several bases in the United States (e. g. Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Orlando, etc.). Almost 60,000 employees are responsible for 4,000 daily flights – mainly to the United States, Caribbean, and Central America.

World's most valuable airlines — Southwest airlines
Southwest Aircraft, Source: Wikipedia

Delta Air Lines

Delta remains in a stable second position with a market capitalization of 28.2 Billion US Dollars. Nevertheless, and in line with the current trend, Delta Air Lines also decreased market capitalization. Compared to the recent month, Delta Air Lines’ value decreased by 3.2%.

Airline Information
Delta Air Lines, typically referred to as Delta, is another major U.S. carrier. With a fleet of 750 aircraft, Delta operates flights to 325 destinations. In addition, the airlines operate several hubs, such as Atlanta, Boston, or Detroit. Pre-COVID, the airline had 91,000 employees and handled 5,400 flights to 52 countries daily.

The world's most valuable airlines — Delta Air Lines
Delta Air Lines, Source: Wikipedia


Similar to positions one and two, there’s no change in the third position. Once again, Europe’s biggest low-cost carrier claims the third most valuable airline’s title. Ryanair sits on a market capitalization of 24.9 Billion US Dollars. Moreover, compared to other top carriers, Ryanair recorded a rather small decrease of 2.3%.

Airlines Information
Ryanair is an Irish low-cost airline founded in 1984. Including their subsidiaries, Ryanair operates a fleet of more than 450 aircraft and forms Europe’s biggest low-cost airline. Ryanair has its headquarters in Dublin and operates aircraft bases all over Europe. Before Corona, Ryanair transported almost 150 million passengers.

world'S most valuable airlines — Ryanair
By Alec Wilson from Khon Kaen, Thailand – SP-RSA, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Most Valuable Airlines — Position 1 – 10

From a ranking point of view, nothing has changed in positions one to ten. However, worth mentioning that all of the ten most valuable airlines lost value in June. British IAG leads the list of the biggest loser with a reduction of 8.1%, followed by Air China with -7.9%, and American Airlines (-6.3%). China Eastern (-2.1%) and Ryanair (-2.3%) report the lowest reduction.

RankAirlineCountryMarket CapMarket Cap Change
1 (1)Southwest AirlinesUnited States31.7-5.4
2 (2)Delta Air LinesUnited States28.19-3.2
3 (3)RyanairIreland24.85-2.3
4 (4)United AirlinesUnited States17.07-5.1
5 (5)Air ChinaChina15.01-7.9
6 (6)American AirlinesUnited States13.72-6.3
7 (7)IAGUnited Kingdom12.94-8.1
8 (8)China Southern AirlinesChina12.85-3.8
9 (9)ANAJapan11.28-5.8
10 (10)China Eastern AirlinesChina10.96-2.1

Most Valuable Airlines — Position 11 – 20

Similar to positions one to ten, there are no changes in the ranks eleven to 20. Nonetheless, some of the airlines massively lost value during the last 30 days. Air Canada leads the biggest loser list with a decrease of 10.8%, followed by Lufthansa and Spring Airlines (-9.2% each). On the other side, Singapore Airlines, InterGlobe, and Australia’s Qantas report a moderate market cap reduction (-1.x%).

RankAirlineCountryMarket CapMarket Cap Change
11 (11)Singapore AirlinesSingapore10.94-1.5
12 (12)Japan AirlinesJapan9.57-5.6
13 (13)InterGlobeIndia8.86-1.1
14 (14)Spring AirlinesChina7.74-9.2
15 (15)Alaska AirlinesUnited States7.55-5.0
16 (17)LufthansaGermany6.94-9.2
17 (16)Air CanadaCanada6.89-10.8
18 (18)QantasAustralia6.74-1.5
19 (19)easyJetUnited Kingdom5.88-4.7
20 (20)Hainan AirlinesChina5.61-7.1

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Most Valuable Airlines — Position 21 – 30

When looking at positions 21 to 30, we finally see some movements. Based on lower losses, Cathay Pacific improved one position and left Jetblue behind. China Airlines and Allegiant increased their value and therefore climbed one position. On top of that, and as already mentioned, Air France’s market cap skyrocket by 32.5%, making Air France the 28th most valuable airline in the world.

RankAirlineCountryMarket CapMarket Cap Change
21 (22)Cathay PacificChina5.42-4.9
22 (21)Jetblue AirwaysUnited States5.39-5.4
23 (24)China AirlinesTaiwan3.680.5
24 (25)EVA AirTaiwan3.623.7
25 (26)Allegiant AirUnited States3.526.0
26 (23)Spirit AirlinesUnited States3.36-9.2
27 (27)CopaPanama3.18-0.3
28 (30)Air France / KLMFrance3.1432.5
29 (28)AzulBrazil3.05-2.6
30 (29)Air New ZealandNew Zealand2.45-2.4

Most Valuable Airlines — Position 31 – 40

Contrary to higher rankings, we have quite a few airlines that managed to increase their market share: Volaris (+6.1%), GOL (+4.6%), and Air Transport Services (+18.8%). Moreover, Norwegian is back on the list of the world’s most valuable airlines, ranking 40th.

RankAirlineCountryMarket CapMarket Cap Change
31 (33)VolarisMexcio2.276.1
32 (31)SkyWestUnited States2.2-6.8
33 (32)Turkish AirlinesTurkey2.18-5.2
34 (34)Atlas AirUnited States1.97-4.8
35 (35)GOL AirlinesBrazil1.834.6
36 (36)Air Transport ServicesUnited States1.7118.8
37 (37)Hawaiian AirlinesUnited States1.24-11.4
38 (38)FinnairFinland1.13-0.5
39 (39)Asiana AirlinesSouth Korea1.12-1.8
40 (-)Norwegian Air Shuttle0.93-

Most Valuable Airlines — Position 41 – 50

Looking at positions 41 to 50, we have some of the biggest gainers and losers. For example, South Korean Jin Air and T’way Air both reported double-digit market cap reductions. On the other side, AirAsia and Icelandair both skyrocket and increased their market cap by 14.5% and 22.6%.

RankAirlineCountryMarket CapMarket Cap Change
41 (41)Jeju AirSouth Korea0.85-8.6
42 (40)Jin AirSouth Korea0.83-14.4
43 (42)AirAsiaMalaysia0.7914.5
44 (43)Bangkok AirwaysThailand0.696.2
45 (44)SpiceJetIndia0.62-1.6
46 (45)T’way AirSouth Korea0.39-13.3
47 (47)IcelandairIceland0.3822.6
48 (46)Mesa AirUnited States0.33-2.9
49 (49)Air BusanSouth Korea0.25-3.8
50 (50)Thai AirwaysThailand0.22-4.3

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Data Source: Data shown was retrieved from — 4th July 2021.


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