World Airline Rankings — The Most Comprehensive Collection!

Welcome to the world's most comprehensive collection of airline rankings! We put together 15 different airline rankings about the world's leading carriers. Discover all areas — from fleet size to safety quality, passenger numbers, and social media performance.

World Airline Rankings — The Most Comprehensive Collection

With this blog post, we put together some of the most essential airline rankings. We went through hundreds of sources, collected data, and crunched numbers — everything with the ultimate goal to create the world’s most comprehensive airline ranking source. In fact, we will update this post regularly with the latest data and additional rankings — however, for the moment, here are the airline rankings you will find on this blog:

World’s Top 50 Biggest Airlines By Fleet Size

This airline ranking provides the latest fleet size figures of the world’s 50 biggest airlines.

RankAirlineCountryFleet Size
50TAP Portugal100
47Etihad AirwaysUnited Arab Emirates104
47S7 AirlinesRussia104
47Frontier AirlinesUnited States104
46Vietnam AirlinesVietnam105
43Air New ZealandNew Zealand112
41Ethiopian AirlinesEthiopia121
41Lion AirIndonesia121
40Wizz AirHungary122
35Air IndiaIndia127
34Singapore AirlinesSingapore134
33SAS Scandinavian AirlinesSweden137
32Garuda IndonesiaIndonesia142
30Spirit AirlinesUnited States153
29Air CanadaCanada163
28SaudiaSaudi Arabia165
27Korean AirSouth Korea166
25Japan AirlinesJapan169
24Cathay PacificChina171
22Shenzhen AirlinesChina194
20Air FranceFrance215
19Hainan AirlinesChina225
18All Nippon AirlinesJapan227
17Qatar AirwaysQatar238
15British AirwaysUnited Kingdom254
13EmiratesUnited Arab Emirates268
12JetBlueUnited States270
10Turkish AirlinesTurkey312
9easyjetUnited Kingdom323
8Alaska AirlinesUnited States330
7Air ChinaChina444
6China Eastern AirlinesChina581
5China Southern AirlinesChina626
4Southwest AirlinesUnited States734
3Delta Air LinesUnited States781
2United AirlinesUnited States834
1American AirlinesUnited States881
World’s Biggest Airlines by Fleet Size — 50 – 1
Airline Ranking
American Airlines — World’s Biggest Airline By Fleet Size

World’s Top 15 Biggest Airlines By Revenue Passenger Kilometers (RPK)

Revenue passenger kilometers are a commonly used figure to assess the size of an airline. That’s why we chose this metric to rank the world’s biggest airlines. To assess the current airlines’ size, we analyzed RPK’s of November 2020, December 2020, and January 2021. We will certainly keep updating the post as soon as new figures are available.

Important: Due to COVID-19, this list is highly volatile and can (massively) change monthly. We will keep updating the list regularly!

RankAirlineCountryAverage RPK
Nov ’20 – Jan ’21 (billion)
1China SouthernChina13.5
2China EasternChina12.4
3American AirlinesUnited States10.3
4Air ChinaChina9.7
5United AirlinesUnited States9.6
6Delta Air LinesUnited States9.5
7SouthwestUnited States6.8
8Air France / KLMFrance6.6
9Hainan AirlinesChina6.0
11International Airline GroupUnited Kingdom4.3
13Turkish AirlinesTurkey3.9
14Lufthansa GroupGermany3.6
File:China Southern Airlines B787-9 (B-1128)(30423833267).jpg
China Southern aircraft, Source: Wikipedia

Top 10 World’s Best Airlines

When ranking the airlines, we considered three aspects that —from our point of view— contributes to the ultimate customer experience:

  • On-time performance: Arriving on time at your destination is one of the core quality factors. That’s why we looked at the on-time performance of airlines.
  • Service Quality: Based on surveys, this aspect includes everything you experience on-board: From meals to in-flight entertainment, or crew friendliness.
  • Customer/Claim Support: Sometimes problems occur: Flights are delayed or baggage got lost. But there’s nothing more annoying than not finding any help in such cases. Therefore, we assessed the quality of airlines’ customer support in terms of handling problems and claims. 

The shown results are based on data from

RankAirlineCountryQuality Score
1Qatar AirwaysQatar8.23
2American AirlinesUnited States8.07
9Austrian AirlinesAustria7.90
World’s Best Airlines
Airline Rankings
Qatar Airways — World’s Best Airline


Top 15 World’s Safest Airlines

There are various ways on how to assess an airline’s safety quality. Moreover, depending on the method and data, the results might look slightly different. Our ranking is mainly based on data from JACDEC — Center for Aviation Safety Information. JACDEC are accepted airline safety experts and maintain a sophisticated calculation method. Their risk index contains factors, such as accident history, incident history, number of flights, transported passengers, environmental facts, or airline operational risk factors (IOSA, fleet age, route profile, etc.).

RankAirlineCountryRisk Index
1Emirates U.A.E95.5%
2Etihad AirwaysU.A.E95.2%
3Air EuropaSpain94.7%
5Scoot TigerairSingapore93.9%
9EVA AirTaiwan92.2%
11JetBlueUnited States92%
12Virgin AtlanticUnited Kingdom92%
14easyjetUnited Kingdom91.7%
15Cathay PacificChina91.7%
World’s Safest Airlines
Airline Ranking: World's Safest Airlines
Emirates — Source: Wikimedia

Top 20 World’s Most Punctual Airline In 2019

For many years, Hawaiian Airlines was the king of on-time performance and led the airlines’ punctuality list. However, that picture changed in 2019, and the U.S. carrier is no longer among the Top-3 most punctual airlines. Before we dig into the details, you may ask why we take a look at 2019’s number? That’s pretty easy: Due to the pandemic 2020 with its grounded aircraft, canceled routes, and closed airspace does simply not provide any value when looking at the on-time performance. And frankly speaking: Although punctuality is important, airlines had to tackle other challenges in 2020.

RankAirlineCountryPunctuality (%)
1Garuda IndonesiaIndonesia95.01
2Copa AirlinesPanama92.01
3Skymark AirlinesJapan90.12
4Hawaiian AirlinesUnited States87.4
8Jetstar AsiaSingapore85.48
9Singapore AirlinesSingapore85.32
10Thai AirAsiaThailand84.49
12S7 AirlinesRussia83.88
14Delta Air LinesUnited States85.36
15Japan AirlinesJapan83.44
16Sky AirlineChile83.42
17Etihad AirwaysU.A.E83.40
18Qantas Australia82.96
19Jet2United Kingdom82.69
20Indonesia AirAsiaIndonesia82.41
World’s Most Punctual Airlines
By, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Top 5 Most Reliable Airlines

The reliability score averages the flight cancellation rate between a defined period and a score for airline flexibility around customer rebooking. 

1Qatar AirwaysQatar4.2
3Turkish AirlinesTurkey4.1
5British AirwaysUnited Kingdom3.8
World’s Most Reliable Airlines

Top 30 Airlines on Instagram

RankAirlineFollowerRank ChangeFollower Change
2Qatar Airways3.48M+85,000
3Turkish Airlines1.85M+22,000
5Etihad Airways1.72M+73,285
8Singapore Airlines1.2932,700
9Garuda Indonesia1.18M+8,400
10Air France1,10M+750
11American Airlines1.08M+1+3,600
12Delta Air Lines1.08M-1+2,600
13British Airways1.05M+3,000
17Air Canada907,000+1,000
19Swiss International806,000+/- 0
20United Airlines804,000+4,000
21Southwest Airlines756,000+1,000
23Thai Airways676,000-1,000
25Cathay Pacific610,000-36,000
26Virgin Atlantic557,000+1,000
27Aerolineas Argentina553,000+2,000
28All Nippon Airlines549,000+1,000
30Malaysia Airlines533,000+1,000
Airline Instagram Ranking — June 2021

Top 30 Airlines on Facebook

RankAirlineCountryRegionFacebook Page Likes
30All Nippon AirlinesJapanAsia2,099,000
29Malaysia AirlinesMalaysiaAsia2,466,000
28American AirlinesUnited StatesNorth America2,587,000
27AviancaColombiaSouth America2,981,000
26Thai AirwaysThailandAsia3,051,000
25Wizz AirHungaryEurope3,268,000
24British AirwaysUnited KingdomEurope3,274,000
23Delta Air LinesUnited StatesNorth America3,281,000
22Japan AirlinesJapanAsia3,422,000
21GOLBrazilSouth America3,593,000
20Philippine AirlinesPhilippinesAsia3,808,000
18Singapore AirlinesSingaporeAsia4,037,000
17AzulBrazilSouth America4,097,000
16China Eastern AirlinesChinaAsia4,374,000
15VolarisMexicoCentral America4,460,000
14EtihadUnited Arab EmiratesMiddle East4,614,000
12Cebu PacificPhilippinesAsia5,405,000
10Southwest AirlinesUnited StatesNorth America6,146,000
9SaudiaSaudi ArabiaMiddle East6,525,000
8Air FranceFranceEurope7,305,000
7China Southern AirlinesChinaAsia10,224,000
6Turkish AirlinesTurkeyEurope10,676,000
5EmiratesUnited Arab EmiratesMiddle East10,732,000
3LATAMChileSouth America13,455,000
1Qatar AirwaysQatarMiddle East22,411,000
Top 100 Airlines on Facebook: 40 – 21
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