55 Million Followers — Here are the Top 100 Airlines on Twitter in June

By the end of May, more than 55 million people followed the Top 100 Airlines on Twitter. That's a slight increase compared to the last top 100 rankings. Check out the complete details about the top 100 airlines on Twitter.

Top 100 Airlines on Twitter — June Update

May has been an interesting month for many airlines. Post-COVID traffic is constantly growing, and many airlines are looking forward to the busy summer months. Therefore, it was interesting to see how this development is reflected on Twitter.

The Results in a Nutshell

In case you don’t have time to go through the detailed list, here are the results in a nutshell:

  • Compared to the last ranking, a slight increase in followers can be recorded.
  • Very few changes in the top 20: With Garuda Indonesia, Cebu Pacific, and Air Asia, the top 3 airlines on Twitter are Asian carriers. Only Qatar Airways (from #13 to #11) and American Airlines (from #11 to #13) changed positions.
  • Follower growth mainly happens in the top 20. Airlines on ranks 50-100 mainly maintain their followers or face a slight reduction.
  • In terms of Lufthansa and Avianca, we changed the tracked Twitter account. Therefore, we can see huge changes in terms of ranking.

Here’s what you’ll find!

We analyzed more than 150 airlines according to the number of Twitter followers. As a result, we’re thrilled to present the Top 100 Airlines on Twitter. In case an airline has more than one Twitter profile, we’ve only counted the main profile.

We included the number of followers for each airline on the ranking (May 2021) and country.

In case you want to jump to the top players directly, here’s the table of contents:

Top 100 Airlines on Twitter: 100 – 81

VietJet seems to be the winner among the airlines that rank 100 – 81. Compared to the last ranking, Vietjet climbed six positions. Moreover, Flair Airlines from Canada is progressing and achieving the biggest follower increase in this category. However, from an overall perspective, many airlines made very little progress or even steps back.

RankAirlineCountryChange RankFollowerFollower Change (%)
99S7 AirlinesRussia918+0.6
98Edelweiss AirlinesSwitzerland1,269-0.1
97Vietnam AirlinesVietnam-12,766+0.8
96Air NamibiaNamibia-13,734-0.1
95LOT Polish AirlinesPoland-14,101+0.3
94Air DolomitiItaly-15,299-1.4
92Batik AirIndonesia-211,800+0.8
90Flair AirlinesCanada-114,300+1.4
89Middle East AirlinesLebanon-117,400+0.5
88Caribbean AirlinesTrinidad & Tobago-118,100-0.6
87Jeju AirSerbia-118,600-0.5
86Air SerbiaSouth Korea-118,7000.0
84El AlIsrael-121,100-0.7
82Czech AirlinesCzech Republic-124,200-0.8
Top 100 Airlines on Twitter: 100 – 81


Top 100 Airlines on Twitter: 80 – 61

When looking at the next airlines, China Southern Airlines stands out with +6.8 followers compared to the last rankings. That’s one of the highest growth rates of this ranking. Therefore, it is likely that China Southern Airlines will leave some more airlines behind them soon. Besides China Southern, Air Arabia, Gulf Air, and China Eastern Airlines are the top gainers in this category.

RankAirlineCountryChange RankFollowerFollower Change (%)
79Wizz AirHungary-142,0000.0
76China Southern AirlinesChina+147,400+6.8
74AllegiantUnited States-159,900-0.5
73Gulf AirBahrain-163,700+1.3
72Lion AirIndonesia-164,100-0.4
71Air ArabiaU.A.E.-167,700+1.0
69Aegean AirlinesGreece-180,600-0.6
66Austrian AirlinesAustria-1105,900-0.3
65Jazeera AirwaysKuwait-1106,2000.0
63SpiritUnited States-1112,600-0.4
62China Eastern AirlinesChina-1116,700+1.3
61Thai AirwaysThailand-1120,100-0.1
Top 100 Airlines on Twitter: 100 – 81

Top 100 Airlines on Twitter: 60 – 41

When looking at the airlines on ranks 60 to 41, we see many airlines that lost followers in the last month. Russia’s Aeroflot and Brasil’s Azul lead the list of the top losers with 1.1% resp. 0.9% loss in terms of followers.

RankAirlineCountryChange RankFollowerFollower Change (%)
59FrontierUnited States-1123,000-0.4
58Korean AirSouth Korea-2130,200-0.6
55Kuwait AirwaysKuwait-1154,100+0.8
53Royal Air MarocMorocco-1168,200+0.6
50Hawaiian AirlinesUnited States-1188,500-0.3
47Aer LingusIreland-1266,500-0.3
46Air EuropaSpain-1268,100-0.3
41Royal JordanianJordan-1367,200-0.1
Top 100 Airlines on Twitter: 100 – 81

Top 100 Airlines on Twitter: 40 – 21

Between the ranks 40 to 21, we can see some interesting changes. As mentioned, Lufthansa ranks much higher due to the changed Twitter account. However, and again, many other carriers lost followers in the last month. Air New Zealand and WestJet lead the list of the top losers, whereas Ethiopian Airlines and Air India are the top gainers in this category.

RankAirlineCountryChange RankFollowerFollower Change (%)
40Air FranceFrance-2376,900-0.3
39Alaska AirlinesUnited States-3379,500-0.4
37Aerolineas ArgentinaArgentina-3427,700-0.1
36Ethiopian AirlinesEthiopia-1428,600+1.2
35Air IndiaIndia-2460,500+1.3
31Air CanadaCanada-1528,400+0.3
30easyjetUnited Kingdom-1535,900-0.6
29Cathay PacificChina-1554,500-1.0
28Oman AirOman-1611,2000.0
27Virgin AtlanticUnited Kingdom-1627,700-0.6
26WestJetUnited States-1666,300-0.8
25Air New ZealandNew Zealand-1668,100-0.9
24flynasSaudi Arabia-1684,200+0.5
23Singapore AirlinesSingapore-1741,300-0.5
21Japan AirlinesJapan-1826,600-0.4
Top 100 Airlines on Twitter: 100 – 81

Top 100 Airlines on Twitter: 20 – 1

And here we go with the ultimate top airlines on Twitter. On ranks 20 – 1, we can see a huge increase in terms of followers. Here are the key takeaways:

  • According to the changed Twitter account, Avianca directly jumps into the Top 20!
  • Many airlines are doing very well in terms of follower growth — United, Delta, Emirates, and Qatar are among the top gainers.
  • Moreover, it will be interesting to see, whether AirAsia can continue with its growth and overtake Cebu Pacific in the next months.
RankAirlineCountryChange RankFollowerFollower Change (%)
18United AirlinesUnited States1.086M+8.6
16British AirwaysUnited Kingdom1.332M+2.5
14Delta Air LinesUnited States1.587M+5.8
13American AirlinesUnited States-21.593M-0.3
12SaudiaSaudi Arabia1.652M+3.3
11Qatar AirwaysQatar+21.670M+4.4
10Malaysia AirlinesMalaysia1.752M+3.1
9Turkish AirlinesTurkey1.832M+1.8
7JetblueUnited States1.894M-0.3
6Southwest AirlinesUnited States2,102M+0.1
4Philippine AirlinesPhilippines3.019M+0.4
3Air AsiaMalaysia3.279M+2.5
2Cebu PacificPhilippines3.324M+0.3
1Garuda IndonesiaIndonesia3.408M+0.2
Top 100 Airlines on Twitter: 100 – 81

Congrats to Garuda Indonesia for an outstanding result!

Do you miss an Airline?

Do you think we’ve missed an airline? Leave us a comment below, and we’ll include it with the next update of the list.

Data Source: Data on this website is provided by Twitter.

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