The Most Comprehensive Airline Instagram Ranking — June 2021 Edition

Here's our latest and most comprehensive airline Instagram ranking. Find out everything about the top 30 airlines on Instagram. Plus, details about which airlines were the top-performers increased their followers and lost fans.

So much has happened since our initial post about the 100 Top Airlines on Instagram. That’s why we thought it is time to bring you the latest and updated ranking of the most successful airlines on Instagram.

Here’s what you will find on this blog post:

Airline Instagram Ranking — Top 30 Airlines

Let’s start this post by looking at the top 30 of the Airline Instagram Ranking. Ranking-wise, the top 30 was very stable with only some smaller movements. AirAsia lost quite a considerable amount of followers and subsequently two ranks. As a result, Brazilian GOL and Australia’s Qantas climbed one position each. Furthermore, American Airlines managed to gain more followers than Delta. Accordingly, the U.S. carriers interchanged positions. Delta lost on rank from 11th to 12th whereas American climbed one place from 12th to 11th.

Here are the details!

RankAirlineFollowerRank ChangeFollower Change
2Qatar Airways3.48M+85,000
3Turkish Airlines1.85M+22,000
5Etihad Airways1.72M+73,285
8Singapore Airlines1.2932,700
9Garuda Indonesia1.18M+8,400
10Air France1,10M+750
11American Airlines1.08M+1+3,600
12Delta Air Lines1.08M-1+2,600
13British Airways1.05M+3,000
17Air Canada907,000+1,000
19Swiss International806,000+/- 0
20United Airlines804,000+4,000
21Southwest Airlines756,000+1,000
23Thai Airways676,000-1,000
25Cathay Pacific610,000-36,000
26Virgin Atlantic557,000+1,000
27Aerolineas Argentina553,000+2,000
28All Nippon Airlines549,000+1,000
30Malaysia Airlines533,000+1,000
Airline Instagram Ranking — June 2021


Airline Instagram Ranking — Top Gainers in May

Top Gainers Number of Followers

When looking at total followers numbers, the top 5 airlines that gained the most followers are ranked among the top 10. However, this isn’t surprising; typically, Instagram profiles that already have many followers gain larger amounts of new followers than smaller profiles. Here are the details:

AirlineFollower Change
Qatar Airways+85,000
Etihad Airways+73,000
Singapore Airlines+32,750
Turkish Airlines+22,000
Airline Instagram Ranking — Top Gainers June 2021

Top Gainers Percentage

Besides the absolute numbers, we also took a look at the gainers in terms of percentage growth. The results are pretty interesting. Etihad Airways increased its fan base by almost 5%, making the airline the top performer on this ranking. However, it is also interesting to see that smaller players on Instagram, such as Air India (34,000 followers) or Allegiant (36,000), have increased followers. Here are the top 10:

AirlineFollower Increase (%)
Etihad Airways+4.5
Singapore Airlines+2.6
Qatar Airways+2.5
Singapore Air+1.8
Air India+1.7
Turkish Airlines+1.2
Spirit Airlines+1.1
Airline Instagram Ranking — Top Gainers June 2021 (%)

Airline Instagram Ranking — Worst Performers in May

Although many people consider continuous follower growth on Instagram as natural, our ranking shows that this is not the case; below, we listed eight airlines that lost followers in the last months. From our point of view, there are three interesting aspects to highlight:

  • Beijing Capital Airlines lost 356,000 followers. It seems that the airline completely re-setup its profile. However, we couldn’t find any explanation and will monitor that in the upcoming months.
  • With Thai Airways and Qantas, two prominent airlines lost a small number of followers — which is unusual for Instagram profiles of that size. Again we will monitor that.
  • AirAsia and Cathay Pacific lost a considerable amount of followers (41,000 and 36,000). Again, we couldn’t find a reasonable explanation.
AirlineLost Followers
Beijing Capital Airlines356,000
Cathay Pacific36,000
Thai Airways1,000
Pegasus Airlines1,000
Vietnam Airlines1,000
NOK Airlines200
Airline Instagram Ranking — Worst Performers June 2021 (%)

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