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The most Comprehensive Airline Social Media Ranking

Social media has become inevitable for airlines around the globe. But how successful are airlines on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook? We did the analysis and calculated the most comprehensive airline social media ranking.

Airlines On Social Media — Here’s what we’ve Analyzed!

Before we dive into the results, it is essential to understand what we’ve analyzed and how we rated the airlines’ performance. First, and most importantly, here are the social media platforms we looked at:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

We analyzed more than 150 airlines for each social media channel according to the number of followers (Instagram and Twitter) or company page likes on Facebook. Then, for each of the platforms, we created a particular ranking. If you want to check out the platform rankings first, here are the links:

As a final step, we combined the single-platform rankings to one overall “airline social media score.” Therefore, we add the ranks of airlines on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and divide them by three. If two airlines have the same social media score, the airline with higher single ranks gets the higher overall ranking.

The Results

We divided the results into five sections and included the number of followers for each airline on the ranking (May 2021) and country. In addition, with one of the following updates, we will include the fleet size since we believe this helps put some context to an airline’s number of followers on Instagram.

In case you want to jump to top players directly, here’s the table of contents:

Top 100 Airlines on Social Media: 100 -81

Let’s get started with ranks 100 to 81 of the most comprehensive airline social media ranking. There are no big surprises. Nevertheless, we expected some more prominent airlines (El Al, Lion Air, Condor) to achieve better results. However, most airlines show similar results across all social media platforms when looking at the particular ranks on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

RankAirlineCountryTwitter RankInstagram RankFacebook Rank
100Air NamibiaNamibia949787
98Flair AirlinesCanada889495
97Czech AirlinesCzech Republic809898
96Middle East AirlinesLebanon8710381
95HK AirlinesChina1029567
93LOT Polish AirlinesPoland938583
92Air SerbiaSerbia858684
91Beijing Capital AirlinesChina10146102
90AllegiantUnited States729185
89Caribbean AirlinesTrinidad & Tobago868478
87Batik AirIndonesia895699
86El AlIsrael828379
85Spirit AirlinesUnited States618194
84S7 AirlinesRussia994591
83NOK AirlinesThailand957961
81Lion AirIndonesia705797
Top 100 Airlines on Social Media: 100 – 81


Top 100 Airlines on Social Media: 80 – 61

When looking at the airlines on rank 80 to 60, we can see many mid-sized airlines. However, here are some surprising results:

  • VietJet is an airline that achieved extremely different results across social media channels. An outstanding 11th rank on Facebook compared to one of the last ranks on Twitter and Instagram.
  • Royal Jordanian and Air India are two examples with quite different results across the different social media channels.
  • Again we were surprised to see already some well-established and bigger airlines, such as Finnair, Austrian Airlines, or Jetstar.
RankAirlineCountryTwitter RankInstagram RankFacebook Rank
80Gulf AirBahrain717274
79Royal JordanianJordan4010271
78Aegean AirlinesGreece677765
75Jeju AirSouth Korea846755
74Jazeera AirwaysKuwait635877
73FrontierUnited States577566
72Vietnam AirlinesVietnam967032
71Air IndiaIndia339272
69Austrian AirlinesAustria645280
68Royal Air MarocMorocco518064
67Aer LingusIreland447375
66Korean AirSouth Korea566173
64Air ArabiaUnited Arab Emirates697145
62Kuwait AirwaysKuwait533588
61Air EuropaSpain436468
Top 100 Airlines on Social Media: 80 – 61

Top 100 Airlines on Social Media: 60 – 41

When looking at the following 20 ranks, it becomes evident that many airlines focus on one or two social media channels. Here are a few examples:

  • China Eastern is a big player on Facebook (16) but seems not to focus on Twitter (60) and Instagram (99).
  • flynas is doing very well on Twitter (23), average on Instagram (47) but pays no attention to Facebook (101).
  • Aeromexico is another amazing example: Top ten on Twitter (9), average on Instagram (44), and one of the last ranks on Facebook (103).
  • Chinas Southern Airlines is the opposite: No focus on Twitter (76), average on Instagram (63), but a top player on Facebook (7).
RankAirlineCountryTwitter RankInstagram RankFacebook Rank
60China Eastern AirlinesChina609916
58flynasSaudi Arabia2347101
57SAS Scandinavian AirlinesSweden586053
56Pegasus AirlinesTurkey655550
51Ethiopian AirlinesEthiopia358836
50Hawaiian AirlinesUnited States484070
45Wizz AirHungary774825
41China Southern AirlinesChina76637
Top 100 Airlines on Social Media: 60 – 41

Top 100 Airlines on Social Media: 40 – 21

When getting closer to the top ten airlines on social media, we can see more and more big players. However, the ranks 40 to 20 show a similar situation as discussed above: Airlines do not focus equally across all platforms. Here are few examples:

  • Brazil’s GOL does very well on Instagram (16) and Facebook (21) but pays no attention to Twitter (100). Therefore, the airline ranks only 40th.
  • easyjet is a big player on Twitter (9) but only average on Instagram and Facebook. Subsequently, the airline only ranks 32nd.
  • jetBlue is similar to easyjet: Outstanding results on Twitter (7) but only average on Instagram (36) and Facebook (44).
  • LATAM is one of the best airlines on Facebook (3) and Instagram (4). However, since say pay less attention to Twitter (73), the airline only ranks 22nd.
RankAirlineCountryTwitter RankInstagram RankFacebook Rank
37Oman AirOman275441
36Viva AerobusMexico176538
35Virgin AtlanticUnited Kingdom262662
34All Nippon AirlinesJapan55“830
33Swiss AirlinesSwitzerland421951
32EasyjetUnited Kingdom94139
31Thai AirwaysThailand592326
30Alaska AirlinesUnited States363140
29Aerolineas ArgentinaArgentina342735
28Air New ZealandNew Zealand243833
26Air CanadaCanada301742
25JetBlueUnited States73644
24Cathay PacificChina282534
23United AirlinesUnited States182048
21Philippine AirlinesPhilippines45320
Top 100 Airlines on Social Media: 40 – 21

Top 100 Airlines on Social Media: 20 – 1

And here we go with the ultimate top airlines on social media. There are no big surprises since we see most of the world’s leading airlines.

RankAirlineCountryTwitter RankInstagram RankFacebook Rank
20Japan AirlinesJapan203422
17Malaysia AirlinesMalaysia103029
15Cebu PacificPhilippine25012
14Air FranceFrance38108
13American AirlinesUnited States131228
12British AirwaysUnited Kingdom161324
11SaudiaSaudi Arabia12329
10Delta Air LinesUnited States141123
9Singapore AirlinesSingapore22818
8Garuda IndonesiaIndonesia1931
7EtihadUnited Arab Emirates21514
6Southwest AirlinesUnited States62110
4EmiratesUnited Arab Emirates1515
3Turkish AirlinesTurkey836
1Qatar AirwaysQatar1121
Top 100 Airlines on Social Media: 20 – 1

Do you miss an Airline?

Do you think we’ve missed an airline? Leave us a comment below, and we’ll include it with the next update of the list.

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