The Ultimate Ranking — Top 100 Airlines on Facebook

With 2.7 billion monthly active users, Facebook is still the king of social media. We wanted to know how airlines perform on Facebook. So we went through hundreds of airline Facebook profiles and gathered data. And here's the result: The Top 100 airlines on Facebook by the number of page likes.

Top 100 Airlines on Facebook

Despite new emerging social media channels, such as TikTok or Snapchat, Facebook remains an essential tool for companies all over the world. Besides direct communication, Facebook provides unbeatable options to distribute content and ads to a mass audience. Nevertheless, it seems that not all airlines pay attention to Facebook. Moreover, it seems that world regions handle Twitter differently — but we’ll get more into the details below.

One of the core social media indicators for airlines is the number of page likes. Therefore we did an extensive analysis.

Here’s what you’ll find!

We wanted to know the details. Therefore, we analyzed more than 150 airlines according to the number of company page likes on Facebook. As a result, we’re thrilled to present the Top 100 Airlines on Facebook. And to be very precise: We did not count the number of subscribers but people that actually like an airline’s Facebook page.

We included the number of followers for each airline on the ranking (May 2021) and country. With one of the next updates, we will include the fleet size since we believe this helps to put some context to an airline’s number of followers on Instagram.

In case you want to directly jump to top players, here’s the table of contents:

Top 100 Airlines on Facebook: 100 -81

Let’s get started with ranks 100 to 81 of Top Airlines on Facebook. According to the number of page likes, it seems that some airlines are not actively paying attention to their accounts. Nonetheless, the number of page likes grows quite quickly from a few thousand to more than 400,000 at rank 81. From a region point-of-view, we have a mixed picture of airlines from all world regions with a small focus on Europe.

RankAirlineCountryRegionFacebook Page Likes
99Batik AirIndonesiaAsia53,000
98Czech AirlinesCzech RepublicEurope59,000
97Lion AirIndonesiaAsia69,000
96Edelweiss AirSwitzerlandEurope84,000
95Flair AirlinesCanadaNorth America97,000
94Spirit AirlinesUnited StatesNorth America109,000
93Croatia AirlinesCroatiaEurope152,000
92Air DolomitiItalyEurope174,000
91S7 AirlinesRussiaEurope175,000
88Kuwait ArwaysKuwaitMiddle East273,000
87Air NamibiaNamibiaAfrica281,000
85AllegiantUnited StatesNorth America292,000
84Air SerbiaSerbiaEurope303,000
83LOT Polish AirlinesPolandEurope331,000
81Middle East AirlinesLebanonMiddle East400,000
Top 100 Airlines on Facebook: 100 – 81


Top 100 Airlines on Facebook: 80 – 61

When looking at the next airlines, the number of page likes increases quickly. Starting with some 400,000 of Austrian Airlines on rank 80, Thailand’s NOK Airline on rank 61 can already be proud of almost 1,000,000 page likes. Moreover, it is amazing to see how some smaller airlines are super successful on Facebook. Thailand’s NOK Airlines operates a relatively small fleet of 22 aircraft — however, it outperforms many bigger airlines on Facebook easily. And, spoiler alert: We will see more of such examples.

RankAirlineCountryRegionFacebook Page Likes
80Austrian AirlinesAustriaEurope407,000
79El AlIsraelMiddle East412,000
78Caribbean AirlinesTrinidad & TobagoCentral America429,000
77Jazeera AirwaysKuwaitMiddle East432,000
75Aer LingusIrelandEurope502,000
74Gulf AirBahrainMiddle East554,000
73Korean AirSouth KoreaAsia554,500
72Air IndiaIndiaAsia565,000
71Royal JordanianJordanMiddle East625,000
70Hawaiian AirlinesUnited StatesNorth America628,000
68Air EuropaSpainEurope668,000
67HK AirlinesChinaAsia706,000
66FrontierUnited StatesNorth America709,000
65Aegean AirlinesGreeceEurope718,000
64Royal Air MarocMoroccoAfrica757,000
62Virgin AtlanticUnited KingdomEurope828,000
61NOK AirlinesThailandAsia945,000
Top 100 Airlines on Facebook: 80 – 61

Top 100 Airlines on Facebook: 60 – 41

When looking at the airlines on ranks 60 to 41, we quickly jump over the 1 million-like barrier. With Australia’s Jetstar on rank 59, we have the first airline that has more than 1 million page likes on Facebook. Many of the following airlines are quite close to each other in terms of Facebook page likes. Accordingly, we see a moderate growth to 1.5 million page likes of Alaska Airlines (ranked 41).

I was surprised to see United Airlines on rank 48. Frankly, I expected one of the biggest world’s biggest airlines to rank much higher in terms of Facebook page likes. But as already mentioned, the list of the best airlines on Facebook is quite surprising!

RankAirlineCountryRegionFacebook Page Likes
58WestJetCanadaNorth America1,036,000
55Jeju AirSouth KoreaAsia1,261,000
53SAS Scandinavian AirlinesSwedenEurope1,271,000
51Swiss International AirlinesSwitzerlandEurope1,286,000
50Pegasus AirlinesTurkeyEurope1,319,000
49TAP PortugalEurope1,398,000
48United AirlinesUnited StatesNorth America1,412,000
45Air ArabiaUnited Arab EmiratesMiddle East1,467,000
44jetBlueUnited StatesNorth America1,495,000
42Air CanadaCanadaNorth America1,526,000
41Oman AirOmanMiddle East1,550,000
Top 100 Airlines on Facebook: 60 – 41

Top 100 Airlines on Facebook: 40 – 21

Between the ranks 40 to 21, we can see a significant increase in terms of Facebook page likes. Moreover, the number of Facebook page likes more than doubled — from 1.6 million of Alaska Airlines on rank 40 to 3.5 million of Brazil’s GOL on rank 21.

Again, it is interesting to see that many big players did not make it to the Top 10: American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, or British Airways — they all play in the second Facebook league.

RankAirlineCountryRegionFacebook Page Likes
40Alaska AirlinesUnited StatesNorth America1,659,000
39easyjetUnited KingdomEurope1,786,000
38Viva AerobusMexicoSouth America1,828,000
36Ethiopian AirlinesEthiopiaAfrica1,863,000
35Aerolineas ArgentinaArgentinaSouth America1,933,000
34Cathay PacificChinaAsia1,972,000
33Air New ZealandNew ZealandAustralia2,035,000
32Vietnam AirlinesVietnamAsia2,048,000
31Garuda IndonesiaIndonesiaAsia2,097,000
30All Nippon AirlinesJapanAsia2,099,000
29Malaysia AirlinesMalaysiaAsia2,466,000
28American AirlinesUnited StatesNorth America2,587,000
27AviancaColombiaSouth America2,981,000
26Thai AirwaysThailandAsia3,051,000
25Wizz AirHungaryEurope3,268,000
24British AirwaysUnited KingdomEurope3,274,000
23Delta Air LinesUnited StatesNorth America3,281,000
22Japan AirlinesJapanAsia3,422,000
21GOLBrazilSouth America3,593,000
Top 100 Airlines on Facebook: 40 – 21

Top 100 Airlines on Facebook: 20 – 1

And here we go with the ultimate top airlines on Facebook. On ranks 20 – 1 we can see a huge increase in terms of Facebook page likes. Here are my highlights of the Top 20:

  • Amazing to see Vietjet, a mid-sized airline with some 70 aircraft, outperforming so many global carriers and rank eleven in terms of Facebook page likes.
  • It is interesting to see that many of the Top 10 airlines on Facebook are in the Instagram Top 10 too. Especially Qatar and LATAM play this game extremely well.
  • Talking about Qatar: This airline seems to play in its own league when it comes to Facebook. 22.4 million page likes — an incredible result! Congrats to Qatar Airways!
RankAirlineCountryRegionFacebook Page Likes
20Philippine AirlinesPhilippinesAsia3,808,000
18Singapore AirlinesSingaporeAsia4,037,000
17AzulBrazilSouth America4,097,000
16China Eastern AirlinesChinaAsia4,374,000
15VolarisMexicoCentral America4,460,000
14EtihadUnited Arab EmiratesMiddle East4,614,000
12Cebu PacificPhilippinesAsia5,405,000
10Southwest AirlinesUnited StatesNorth America6,146,000
9SaudiaSaudi ArabiaMiddle East6,525,000
8Air FranceFranceEurope7,305,000
7China Southern AirlinesChinaAsia10,224,000
6Turkish AirlinesTurkeyEurope10,676,000
5EmiratesUnited Arab EmiratesMiddle East10,732,000
3LATAMChileSouth America13,455,000
1Qatar AirwaysQatarMiddle East22,411,000
Top 100 Airlines on Facebook: 20 – 1

Do you miss an Airline?

You think we’ve missed an airline? Leave us a comment below and we’ll include it with the next update of the list.

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