On-time performance remains one of the critical quality attributes of airlines. That’s why we did some analysis on airlines’ performance. Here’s an overview of the top players when it comes to punctual airlines.

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The Most Punctual Airlines and why we Look at 2019

For many years, Hawaiian Airlines was the king of on-time performance and led the airlines’ punctuality list. However, that picture changed in 2019, and the U.S. carrier is no longer among the Top-3 most punctual airlines.

But we don’t want to spoil too much! With this blog post, we deliver a first-class overview of the world of airlines’ on-time performance. Before we dig into the details, you may ask why we take a look at 2019’s number? That’s pretty easy: Due to the pandemic 2020 with its grounded aircraft, canceled routes, and closed airspace does not provide any value when looking at the on-time performance. And frankly speaking: Although punctuality is important, airlines had to tackle other challenges in 2020.

So here’s what to expect with this post if you want to jump to a section directly.

Overview of Contained Rankings

Most Punctual Airlines: Here’s the Global Top 20

Garuda Indonesia, worlds most punctual airline
Garuda Indonesia, World’s most punctual airline

Garuda Indonesia represents the world’s most punctual airline for the first time — with a fantastic result of ~95% on-time flight. That’s a fantastic result. Moreover, from an overall point of view, Asian carriers dominate the Top 20. Eight out of 20 most punctual airlines are based in Asia. Within the Top 10, Asian airlines represent even more than 50%.

Most punctual airlines according to world regions
Most punctual airlines according to world region.

Let’s have a look at the details. But, first, here are the complete results.

RankAirlineCountryRegionPunctuality (%)
1Garuda IndonesiaIndonesiaAsia95,01
2Copa AirlinesPanamaSouth America92,01
3Skymark AirlinesJapanAsia90,12
4Hawaiian AirlinesUnited StatesNorth America87,4
5LATAM Airlines GroupChileSouth America86,41
7All Nippon AirwaysJapanAsia85,92
8Jetstar AsiaSingaporeAsia85,48
9Singapore AirlinesSingaporeAsia85,32
10Thai AirAsiaThailandAsia84,49
12S7 AirlinesRussiaEurope83,88
14Delta Air LinesUnited StatesNorth America85,36
15Japan AirlinesJapanAsia83,44
16Sky AirlineChileSouth America83,42
17Etihad AirwaysUnited Arab EmiratesMiddle East83,4
18Qantas AirwaysAustraliaAustralia82,96
19Jet2United KingdomEurope82,69
20Indonesia AirAsiaIndonesiaAsia82,41

Most Punctual Mega Airlines

Mega airlines are the big players with some hundred aircraft. Usually and quite naturally, they have slightly lower punctuality due to complex network structures. The winner and most punctual airlines are LATAM Airlines from Chile, with a punctuality of 86.41%. However, although ranked in the list of Top 20, many airlines in this list show miserable performance with some 70% or even 60% punctuality.

Most punctual mega airlines according to world region

Here are the complete results of the most punctual mega airlines!

1LATAM Airlines GroupChileSouth America86,41
3All Nippon AirwaysJapanAsia85,92
4Delta Air LinesUnited StatesNorth America83,56
5Japan AirlinesJapanAsia83,44
6Alaska AirlinesUnited StatesNorth America81,49
7Air FranceFranceEurope79,92
8Southwest AirlinesUnited StatesNorth America79,4
9American AirlinesUnited StatesNorth America77,9
12Turkish AirlinesTurkeyEurope76,72
13United AirlinesUnited StatesNorth America76,28
14British AirwaysUnited KingdomEurope76,18
16JetBlueUnited StatesNorth America73,81
17easyJetUnited KingdomEurope73,08
18China Eastern AirlinesChinaAsia72,86
19Air ChinaChinaAsia68,76
20Air CanadaCanadaNorth America66,42

Top 20 Low-Cost Carriers

For low-cost carriers, on-time performance reflects one of the most crucial aspects of their business model. Therefore, all low-cost airlines ranked in the Top-20 most punctual low-cost airlines show an on-time performance of more than 75%. With eight airlines, Asia, again, delivers a solid performance. North America, South America, and Europe are quite equally represented.

most punctual low cost airlines
Most punctual low-cost airlines according to world region

Here are the complete results of the most punctual low-cost airlines!

1Skymark AirlinesJapanAsia90,12
2Jetstar AsiaSingaporeAsia85,48
3Thai AirAsiaThailandAsia84,49
4Sky AirlineChileSouth America83,42
5Jet2United KingdomEurope82,69
6Indonesia AirAsiaIndonesiaAsia82,41
7Citilink IndonesiaIndonesiaAsia81,47
9Azul AirlinesBrazilSouth America80,4
11Pegasus AirlinesTurkeyEurope79,74
13Spirit AirlinesUnited StatesNorth America79,42
14Southwest AirlinesUnited StatesNorth America79,4
15WestjetCanadaNorth America78,98
16Allegiant AirUnited StatesNorth America78,97
18GOLBrazilSouth America78,04

Most Punctual Airline According to World Regions

Besides the overall list, we also put together the most punctual airlines according to different world regions. So check the below list to find the top players in your region!

North America

Unsurprisingly, U.S. carriers dominate the list of most punctual airlines in North America. However, we didn’t expect to see only one Canadian airline among the Top-10.

1Hawaiian AirlinesUnited States87,4
2Delta Air LinesUnited States83,56
3Alaska AirlinesUnited States81,49
4Spirit AirlinesUnited States79,42
5Southwest AirlinesUnited States79,4
7Allegiant AirlinesUnited States78,79
8American AirlinesUnited States77,9
9United AirlinesUnited States76,28
10Jet BlueUnited States73,81

South America

The list of most punctual airlines in South America is exciting. But, unfortunately, there’s almost a 20% difference between the top airline (Copa Airlines) and Caribbean Airlines, ranked #10.

1Copa AirlinesPanama92,01
2LATAM AirlinesChile86,41
3Sky AirlinesChile83,42
4Azul AirlinesBrazil80,4
5Aerolineas ArgentinasArgentina79,26
10Caribbean AirlinesTrinidad & Tobago74,95

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Europe’s list somehow surprised us. With Azerbaijan Airlines and Aeroflot, there are two Eastern European airlines that lead the list. Moreover, with Air France, only one of the three big airline groups is represented in the list of Europe’S most punctual airlines.

1Azerbaijan AirlinesAzerbaijan86,81
4S7 AirlinesRussia83,88
6Jet2United Kingdom82,69
10Air FranceFrance79,92


As already mentioned, Asian carriers show a very strong on-time performance. For example, with Garuda Indonesia and Skymark, two airlines achieved an on-time performance above 90%.

1Garuda IndonesiaIndonesia95,01
2Skymark AirlinesJapan90,12
5All Nippon AirwaysJapan85,92
6Jetstar AsiaSingapore85,48
7Singapore AirlinesSingapore85,32
8Fiji AirwaysFiji84,72
9Thai AirAsiaThailand84,49
10Japan AirlinesJapan83,44

Middle East & Africa

The Middle East and African airlines show a very diverse picture when it comes to airline punctuality. With Safair, a smaller carrier achieved an on-time performance above 90%. However, most of the carriers have average punctuality of 70% – 80%

1SafairSouth Africa94,4
2EtihadUnited Arab Emirates83,4
3Qatar AirwaysQatar80,32
4Middle East AirlinesLebanon80,13
5EmiratesUnited Arab Emirates79,47
6Oman AirOman77,78
7Royal JordanianJordan77,55
8Gulf AirBahrain76,45
9Ethiopian AirlinesEthiopia74,,32
10flynasSaudi Arabia72,44

World Region Comparison

As an additional analysis, we calculated the average punctuality of each world region’s top 10. With average punctuality of 87%, it once more shows the dominance of Asian carriers. European carriers follow almost 83%, whereas North American, South American, and MEA airlines hover around 80%.

Punctuality comparison according to world regions

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Source: Data shown in this blog post is based on OAG’s Punctuality League 2020


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