What were the topics and blog posts that drove attention in 2020? Was it all about COVID-19? Or about new concepts and innovative ideas? We put together the five most-read airline blog posts of 2020. Enjoy!

An exceptional year comes to its end. Looking at the aviation industry, it probably has been the most challenging year we’ve ever witnessed. And for most airlines, this was a year of turmoil. However, for innovations and new concepts, 2020 was a year of accelerated speed.

COVID-19 Dominated our Airline Blog Posts

So, we took a look at the articles most-read and most-discussed in 2020. Actually, the results aren’t that surprising. From February until May/June, blog posts about COVID-19’s impact on airlines and the airline industry were at the charts’ top. During summer and early autumn, cost-saving blog posts peaked. That, probably, was when airlines realized the impact and have started to search for countermeasures actively. Innovative blog posts and new concepts dominated the last quarter of 2020.

The top 5, Most-Read Airline Blog Posts in 2020

Let’s dig into the details and let us present the top 5, most-read airline blog posts in 2020.

#5: 6 Essential Cost-Control KPIs to Manage Airline Operations

Airline Cost Control
6 Essential Cost-Control KPIs To Manage Airline Operations

The topic came up during late spring 2020. Airlines had digested COVID’s first shock wave and were entirely focused on implementing countermeasures. Of course, in the first step, airlines had concentrated on the most prominent cost reduction measures: reducing the workforce, provider streamlining, expenditure freeze, etc.

However, we wanted to add another perspective and introduced six essential cost-control key performance indicators of the operations area. These KPIs, compensation costs or delay costs, to mention two examples, might not add value during an entire fleet grounding. Nonetheless, the relevance has been growing with every additional flight in recent months.

Head over to this blog post to learn everything about the essential cost-control KPIs and enjoy one of the top 5 airline blog posts!

#4: Revealed: How COVID-19 Will Impact Airlines’ Ability to Innovate — 5 Predictions!

Airport View
Revealed: How COVID-19 Will Impact Airlines’ Ability To Innovate — 5 Predictions!

One of my personal blog posts highlights 2020. The post is the result of a joint brainstorming session with colleagues and industry experts in late September. With some experience and distance, we discussed COVID-19’s long-term impact on the aviation and airline industry. 

A few days later, I summarized the discussion and thoughts. As a result, this blog post describes five predictions I see when looking at the aviation industry — particularly to airlines’ ability to innovate.

The airline blog post talks about a potential Chinese dominance, upcoming industry cooperations, and potential disruptions. I really encourage you to read the blog post — and even more importantly, I would love to get your feedback on our thoughts. Just comment on the blog post directly or hit me up on Twitter.

Follow this link to read the entire blog post about how COVID-19 will impact airlines‘ ability to innovate.

#3: 6 Reasons why Your Airline Needs KPIs to Reduce Operational Costs

Airline Reduce Costs
6 Reasons Why Your Airline Needs KPIs To Reduce Operational Costs

During COVID’s first wave —from March to June— I ran a concept called “Tea with me.” Basically, it was a virtual, 30-min tea-time with people around the globe. I loved this concept since we discussed literally everything. However, and obviously, airline KPIs and COVID-19 were two of the most dominating topics.

During the discussions, I realized a decreasing relevance of KPIs. Many airlines were solely focused on firefighting and executing operational measures. Don’t get me wrong; I totally understand why that was the case. Nonetheless, I do believe that KPIs are among the most important instruments to steer and manage an airline, especially in unprecedented times.

Therefore, I felt the need to publish an airline blog post that underpins KPIs’ importance and how they help tackle the crisis. Moreover, I clearly outlined why KPIs are absolutely essential and more needed than ever.

Enjoy this very personal airline blog post and discover six reasons why your airline needs KPIs to reduce operational costs!

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    #2: 4 Reasons why Your Airline Must use KPI Benchmarks in Operations

    4 Reasons Why Your Airline Must Use KPI Benchmarks In Operations

    Written at the end of 2020, this blog post has quickly peaked among the top 5 airline blog posts of the year. Actually, it is the only blog post among the top 5 posts related to COVID-19.

    2020 was, despite the pandemic crisis, a year full of substantial product updates. With one of the new features, we aim to provide airlines a holistic overview of their most essential KPIs but also of their competitors.

    However, and independent from our product development, I am a huge believer in the power of real-time KPI benchmarks. Already in 2019, I predicted a growing relevance of this topic.

    The blog post gained enormous social media attraction eyes on the benefits of real-time KPI benchmarks.

    Make sure you don’t miss that blog post and one of the most important future airline trends when it comes to KPIs!

    #1: Re-Starting Your Airline After COVID-19 — Here are the KPIs you Need!

    Re-Starting Your Airline After COVID-19 — Here Are The KPIs You Need!

    And here’s —drumroll— the most-read airline blog post. Interestingly enough, the post had almost twice as many readers as the latter. Similar to the third-ranked post, several Tea With Me session inspired me to write this post.

    During the virtual tea session, I often felt that colleagues from airlines were kind of confused. They understood that many of the traditional airline operations KPIs temporarily lost importance. On the other side, they had no clear idea of new KPIs.

    Therefore, I put together six airline operations KPIs that are super-essential once airlines re-start their operations from my point-of-view. 

    I’ve received overwhelming feedback on that blog post. Moreover, I was thrilled when colleagues from airlines worldwide told me that the blog post provided enormous value for them.

    So in case you haven’t read it yet, make sure you don’t miss 2020’s most-read airline blog post.


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