Airline Podcast: 2020’s Top Episodes Of The ID1 Audio Experience!

With more than 150 podcast episodes, 2020 was a remarkable year. We tried new formats, new topics and invited new co-hosts. But overall, we had one clear goal: Creating the world's best airline podcasts that focus on data, business intelligence, and KPIs. Continue reading and discover 2020's top episodes of the ID1 Audio Experience.

2020 — The year the ID1 Audio Experience grew up and became a significant airline podcast.

Before we look at this year’s most successful episode, we like to do a quick overall retrospective. 2020 definitely was the year in which the ID1 Audio Experience grew from a randomly published airline podcast to a daily-listen. 

Once we started the podcast back in autumn 2019, we just wanted to provide some of our most valuable blog posts in audio form. However, during the first COVID-19 wave, we had a strong feeling that it is time to get serious. We received so much overwhelming feedback at that time from airliners all over the world. Many people told us they enjoy the topic of airlines, KPIs, and data, particularly in such testing times.

World’s only daily airline podcast

Thrilled by that fantastic feedback, we started publishing daily episodes —Monday to Friday— back in March 2020. And, besides some very rare exceptions, we kept the pace. However, we’ve also learned that creating a daily airline podcast is quite challenging — especially since we the ambitious goal of delivering value — every day. Nonetheless, the continuously growing number of listeners and subscribers make us feel that we are on the right track.

ID1 Audio Experience — Where to find the podcast?

Today, the podcast is available on all big podcast platforms. Moreover, we were sincerely proud that Amazon selected our airline podcast as one of the premiering podcasts on their newly created platform in 2020. So, in case you want to jump into the podcasts directly, here are the links:

In case you want some more details about our daily podcast head over to our dedicated ID1 Audio Experience Page!

2020’s Top Podcast Episodes

We went through the analytics of the above platforms and counted listens, likes, and downloads. On top of that, we paid attention to the average playing time. So here we go with the TOP-5 episodes of 2020. 

#5 — My Thoughts Around The Future Of KPIs, released 30th April 2020 (>2000 listeners)

I love to do visionary and forward-looking podcasts. This podcast perfectly summarizes my thoughts about how airline KPIs can develop in the future. It touches on aspects such as smart KPIs or the idea of calculating 10,000 airline KPIs. On top of that, I introduce the concept of feed-based visualization and how it helps airlines create attention. Summarized: If you are into some creative thoughts, this is the perfect podcast episode to start with.

Actually, I was surprised to see so many visionary podcasts in the TOP-5 lists. However, it seems that the pandemic urged us to rethink current processes and discover new approaches. The combination of voice assistants and business intelligence still reflects one of the most underrated yet powerful topics. I am genuinely convinced that most airlines elaborate voice assistants only from a consumer-point-of-view. Quite conversely, this airline podcast episode adds an entirely new perspective to voice assistants. Tune in to find out why I believe that voice assistants will disrupt business intelligence in airlines.

#3 — Fixed Stars In Unprecedented Times. Why Your Airlines Needs KPIs Now More Than Ever, 18th May 2020 (>2,500 Listeners)

It’s so good to see this podcast among the TOP-5 episodes of the ID1 Audio Experience in 2020. Once Corona had started to impact airlines, I had tons of discussions with colleagues from airlines. It was interesting to observe that some airlines considered KPIs as less important in such a challenging time. On the contrary, airlines didn’t want to spend time with numbers, facts, and monitoring but take action quickly.

The discussions inspired me to that podcast in which I clearly outline that KPIs are 10x more critical — particularly in such unprecedented times. Therefore, if you deal with airline operations or airline KPIs in general, this podcast is definitely a must-listen.

#2 — My Mindset, My Opinions, And Your Questions, 13th May 2020 (>4,000 Listeners)

I was amazed to see this podcast episode in the Top-5 list and almost taking the trophy home. The episode is one of the rare private podcasts I’ve made so far. Contrary to the other episodes, I’m not talking about airlines, data, KPIs, or airline operations but personal things. Or, to be more specific, I’m answering five personal questions we had received from listeners. And, to be frank, I didn’t expect that many people tune in to that episode since it doesn’t provide an immense “business-value.” 

However, I’m pleased to see so many listeners, and we will definitely do another personal session beginning of 2021.

#1 — COVID-19, or why your airline KPIs have to be adaptable to specific situations, 31st March 2020 (>6,000 Listeners)

By far your favorite episode of our airline podcast in 2020. With more than 6,000 listeners —on various platforms— this podcast episode broke all records. For us, it was kind of funny since the episode was more or less a “stand-up podcast.” Together with my colleague Camila, but without any preparation, we jammed a session about COVID-19. More specifically, we discussed the impact of the pandemic on airline KPIs. Moreover, we also came up with some ideas, concepts, and approaches in terms of airline KPIs.

Make sure to tune in to our gold-winner, and don’t forget to let us know your feedback.

2021 — The next level of airline podcasts

Pumped by an incredible podcast year, we already have tons of new ideas for 2021. We will certainly introduce new concepts and pick up on your feedback about topics. And one thing is for sure: We will try to deliver as much content and value to you as possible! Enjoy!

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