As Millenials and Gen Z— generations that grew up with technology—saturate the job market, they are using new technologies to innovate stagnant industries. Technology is at the center of these innovations, and entrepreneurs build businesses in industries that already have distinct leaders. Entrepreneurs know an up-to-date business plan, direct-to-consumer products, and software as a service (SaaS) disrupt businesses that rely on distribution networks and deals for shelf space in retail stores.

Innovations can happen to new markets as well. The power of an idea and the ambition and passion entrepreneurs bring to their ideas can steal long time customers from incumbent companies quickly, with thousands of positive reviews, and increase the ease of purchasing products. Technological advancements often make some transactions easier, or automate them entirely, and allow access to new parts of the economy. 

Website Development on the go

Website creation has become easier and easier over the years. Long gone are the days of writing a whole webpage using HTML. It’s possible to make a website for your business, about your dog or to share your favorite Star Wars moments, without knowing any of the many programming languages out there. 

Quuie is an app that allows users to create websites from their phones. It really doesn’t become more streamlined than that. Users can create websites easily while subscribing to the Quuie service by tapping, dragging, and resizing images on their phones. One of the great things about industry-disrupting companies is the ease with which they allow consumers to complete difficult tasks. Using traditional web developing software, like Wix and WordPress, doesn’t require coding knowledge either, but their interface isn’t quite user-friendly enough to create a functioning website on an app. 

Investing in Emerging Markets

Technology connects the world and makes faraway places more accessible than ever before. A student in Boise, Idaho, can tour the greatest art museums in the world from right at home on their laptop or tablet. Investors are on the prowl to invest as early in a company as possible to reap larger rewards. A previously inaccessible market, companies can now invest in foreign companies in emerging markets of less developed countries. 

The fintech startup Finverity is making it easier for investors to invest in these markets. Investing in emerging markets gives investors access to new and potentially highly profitable ventures while introducing new capital to markets that historically haven’t had many investors. Computer science innovations in one country can aid in the creations of jobs in another. 

Luggage Storage

Not all startups are disrupting old industries. Some are carving out little niches by solving problems that plague the industry. An issue any traveler has is storing luggage on the day of a flight. Early arrivals must drag their luggage around if they arrive before check-in at their hotel or Airbnb. This hassle wastes time vacationers and business people could be using productively. It’s not uncommon to see travelers at tourist spots or at cafes with their bags full of airline tags as they wait for their rooms to be available. A handful of apps solve this problem by allowing small shops and offices to rent out space to travelers who don’t want to lug their suitcase around all day. They build their revenue by taking a service fee that travelers pay to the company. 

Luggage Storage

Global Sim Cards

International travelers can’t access luggage storage apps if their phone doesn’t work in the country they are visiting. The SIM card is your phone access to the network that may or may not be the same as your home country. As carriers and technologies change, it isn’t always certain you will be able to post your selfie with the Eiffel Tower for all friends at home to see. By simply switching out your SIM card for a SIM card tailored to work in hundreds of international destinations, rather than a single country, you can share all the photos of your culinary delights in France and Italy. Using this technology, a freelance web developer can achieve their dreams of traveling while maintaining a steady income. 

Bring Your New Idea to Life

You probably have an idea that could incorporate new technologies or tech-driven business plans that could disrupt industries today. To start building your disruptive app or program, consider learning the skills you need by attending a top coding bootcamp. Coding bootcamps can turn novices without any coding skills into professionals ready to create their own programs.  


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Artur Meyster is the CTO of Career Karma (YC W19), an online marketplace that matches career switchers with coding bootcamps. He is also the host of the Breaking Into Startups podcast, which features people with non-traditional backgrounds who broke into tech.

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