Corona: World’s Biggest Airlines To Layoff More Than 100,000 Workers

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating effect on the global air industry. While it became evident that airlines would suffer a long-lasting impact, more and more airlines announced job cuts and layoffs as a necessary response to the crisis.

Airline Layoffs — A Summary

Before we get into the details, here’s a quick summary of what we found out:

  • Chinese airlines seem to handle the crisis better or are less impacted. As a result, China’s biggest airlines, China Southern and China Eastern have (currently) no plans to cut jobs.
  • Although not included in the list, we couldn’t find any Chinese airlines’ announcements about job layoffs.
  • Low-cost airlines seem to handle the crisis in a better way compared to legacy/network carrier. Accordingly, job cuts are marginal compared to network carriers.
  • With up to 40,000, Lufthansa Group is leading the list of most significant job cuts.

Airline Layoffs — The Details

And here are the detailed plans of the twelve biggest airlines in the world when it comes to job cuts. The numbers are based on our research between 5th and 6th October.

1Osaka InternationalJapan97,0%4,227
2Nagoya ChubuJapan96,6%4,227
4Osaka KansaiJapan95,4%4,227
6Tokyo HanedaJapan91,7%4,227
10Tokyo Narita Japan91,4%4,227
12Minneapolis/St PaulUSA90,7%4,227
15Edmonton InternationalCanada90,3%4,227
17Detroit MetropolitanUSA89,4%4,227
18Salt Lake CityUSA89,4%4,227


And if you are up to the details, here are the links to the news article containing the numbers shown above.

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