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30 Of The Craziest Aviation Facts!

I was looking forward to this blog post for quite a time. And today, I can finally announce the start of our ultimate source for crazy aviation facts. Sounds bold? Well, it will definitely take some time — but as you know, Rome wasn't built in a day ;)

Why Do We Want To Build The Ultimate Source For Crazy Aviation Facts?

Frank answer: Actually, there is no reason. The aviation industry certainly is one of my favorite sectors. Moreover, I have been fascinated by this vibrant industry for ages. So, from time to time, we’ve talked about fascinating aviation facts at the office. And one day, we had the idea of collecting all the facts and building the ultimate source.

Aren’t There Many Web Pages That Provide Aviation Facts?

Sure, there are plenty. That’s why we do it differently. First, we plan to add two aviation facts to this blog page every working day. That sums up to approximately 500 information pieces a year.  

BUT! On top of that and together with my colleague Robin, I will do a daily video show to present the two fresh aviation facts. We will publish each video on YouTube and IGTV

It is up to you to decide: You can read this blog post, or if you are more visual, you should check out our videos.

It’s Also A Little Batlle!

Now, since each day Robin and I will present an aviation fact, there’s, of course, a little battle going on: How provides the crazier aviation facts. That’s why we would love to get your feedback! Leave a comment on this page, or directly add a comment on YouTube or Instagram TV.

So, Here Are The Craziest Aviation Facts

#01 Outer Space

The average cruising altitude of a commercial plane still is approximately 90,000m below the Kármán line — which is defined as the official border between the earth’s surface and outer space.

AViation facts - 1
#02 Growth Potential

One of my favorite aviation facts: 95% of the world’s population has never been on a flight. That means 7,410,000,000 people have never boarded an airplane.

#03 Why You Like Tomato Juice

The atmosphere in an airline cabin reduces your ability to detect tastes by about 30 percent—think of it as your taste buds go numb.

#04 The Olive Case

In 1987 American Airlines saved $40,000 annually by removing one olive from the first-class salads.

#05 Safety Is First

The reason why airlines dim the cabin light during night flight isn’t solely about letting passengers sleeper tighter. It creates a safer environment by making the emergency exits easier for passengers to find while also allowing passengers to adjust their vision if an emergency occurs.

#06 Aerophobia!

80% of the world’s population is afraid of flying — so-called aerophobia.

#07 Don’t Drink Tap Water!

The bacteria levels of tap water is 100 times the amount of allowed bacteria levels in the United Stats!

#08 Digital Revolution

Alaska Airlines was the first airline that introduced online check in 1999.

#09 Crazy Millionaires

The highest price that’s has ever been paid for a flight ticket is $123,000. An Australian millionaire pought that ticket for a flight from Singapore to Sydney in 2007 — at it was the maiden flight of the A380.

#10 Emotional Flights

The likelihood that a man cries when watching a movie on an airplane is 15% higher to when watching the movie on ground.

#11 Safety Again

The safest section of an aircraft is the back third. The fatality rate of passengers is “only” 32% — whereas mid and front third the fatalitiy rate is ~38%. So make sure to chose a seat at the back!

#12 Cable Guy

225 kilometers! Inside of a 747 aircraft 225 kilometres of cable are routed.

#13 Transatlantic

The first transatlantic flight took place in 1919. Operated by the US NAVY the flight took 24 days!

#14 Let’s Fly Business Class

Qantas Airways was the first airline in the world that introduced the business class — in 1979

#15 Busy Route

With almost 80,000 flights in one year the route Seoul – Jeju is the busiest route in the world.

#16 Disgusting

The tray table is the dirtiest place on an airplane. The bacteria levels found on tray tables is even three times as high as levels on toilet flush button.

#17 Food On Planes

1919 was the year when food was served on a plane for the first time. This happended on a trip from London to Paris. However, the sandwich wasn’t for free but cost 3 Schlling back then.

#18 Beardless

Safety is first! That’s why (at many airlines) pilots are not allowed to have a beard because it could cause problems when wearing the oxygen mask.

#19 The Chicken Gun

In order to simulate bird strikes, airlines use so-called “Chicken Guns” to shoot dead chickens straight into the engine.

#20 Fatality

The likelihood that your flight crashes is extremely low. Actually this likeliness is about 0.000024%

#21 Passengers On 747

Up to now, 5.6 Billion people have travelled on a Boeing 747 aircraft!

#22 Air Force One

Instead of capacity >300, the maximum capacity of the Air Force One is 96 people — including crew!

#23 The Busiest International Route

Although pretty close to each other, Hong Kong — Tapei is the busiest international route.

#24 To The Moon And Back

Up to today, 78 billion kilometers have been logged on all flights with a 747 aircraft. That’s 100,000 times to the moon and back!

#25 Lost Bags

In 2019, 1.7 Million bags were lost worldwide! And lost really means lost. That doesn’t include the mishandled bags that were delivered late!

#26 Bye, bye Bermuda Trianlge

Although it’s still a common myth, the Bermuda trianlge doesn’t play a role for commercial flights. Airlines no longer avoid that area.

#27 Sweat, sweat Bay

On average the human body loses 1.5 liters of water on a 3 hour flight!

#28 Plane Crashes Again

80% of all plane crashes happen during take-off and landing.

#29 Supersonic

In 1947 an jetplane broke the sound barrier for the first time.

#30 Mini Vans

The amount of fuel that goes into a Boeing 747 could fuel 1,400 mini vans!

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