We hope y’all ready for the 8th edition of #AskBen. Particularly, because we selected a set of super interesting questions this time!

AskBen — Episode 9 — Mashing It Up!

We’re thrilled to publish the next episode of AskBen. For this edition, we collected a wide variety of questions — spanning from master data management to KPIs and employee communication.

So make sure you don’t miss that — and here’s the detailed overview of all questions:

  • Getting feedback from employees is currently a big challenge for us — due to home office. Any thoughts on that?
  • You’ve talked a lot about corporate communication apps. We are using Slack. What’s the benefit of adding another app?
  • As a small company should we use KPIs too?
  • I’m the responsible data manager and want to introduce a central Master Data Management — how do I convince my manager?
  • Would you prefer Tableau or PowerBI when it comes to data analytics?

Enjoy the video! And in case you have a question Ben should answer, send us a mail!

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