Tea with Me — Let’s discuss your challenges, upcoming changes, and exchange thoughts.

Very unusual blog post today, but I really wanted to share that idea and concept with you. Every crisis holds the potential for new ideas, changes, and disruptions. You may have listened to my latest podcast where I, as an example, discuss the impact of COVID-19 on airline operations, KPIs, and so on.

Bound to the home office, like many of you, too, I’ve experienced a different way of working and a different atmosphere of creating thoughts, new ideas, and concepts in the last weeks.

My highlight moments

My highlight moments during that time were three video conferences I had with colleagues from airlines (actually potential clients I virtually met for the first time). Colleagues from airlines spread worldwide: One from North America, one from South America, and one from Asia.

These meetings were different from most of the previous sessions I had. The reason for that, at least from my point of view, lies in the fact that it was clear to everybody that it was not about sales. Not about selling a service, a product, a whatsoever.

It was everything but not about sales!

For me, it was apparent that they were not in a position to buy at the moment, and for them, it was clear that I had no intention to sell something.

Based on that fact, the meetings were super-extremely straightforward, transparent, and ultra-fruitful (sorry for all the superlatives here, but that’s really how I experienced it).

It was about answering their questions regarding airline operations and KPIs and sharing the latest innovative thoughts with them. Personally, I could also gain lots of ideas and fresh views from these meetings.

Why I’m telling you all that?

I really loved the atmosphere of the meetings, the openness, and the results we jointly produced. That brought me to the idea to do that more frequently — voilá the “Tea with Me” concept was born.

Tea with Me — The idea behind

I’m offering two daily 30 minute slots in my calendar for tea time and an online session with me.

That means every day at 9:00 CEST (7:00 UTC) and 15:00 CEST (13:00 UTC), I’m thrilled to jam a 1-on-1 session.

Topics are entirely up to you. But, of course, a relation to airlines, airline operations, data, KPIs, or IT solutions are welcome and will definitely produce the most valuable output for both sides.

Besides, there are no limitations: It can be about doing Q&A, discussing innovations, future developments, getting my view, or whatever you have in mind.

Any hard pre-requisites? Not a single one! Let’s have fun, jam a session, create value, and drink tea.

Book your slot directly on Calendly, or in case more convenient for you, send me a mail or hit me up on Twitter, and we’re going to fix a date/time.

I’m looking forward to drinking tea with you!

Benjamin, CEO Information Design

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Benjamin Walther

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Benjamin is Information Design's CEO and a proven content-maniac. Besides running a successful business and developing pioneering ideas, he's dedicated to writing blog posts and creating content.

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