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Q&A Session Part 3 — Answering another 7 airline operations, data & KPI questions

This time I had to run the Q&A session on my own. Unfortunately, due to Corona and related measures, my colleague Larissa and I couldn't team up this time.

Good news: Larissa has been collecting your questions over the last weeks and selected seven of them. The questions cover various topics of airline, data, and KPI aspects.

Again, we’ve been overwhelmed by the number of questions we have been receiving and humbled to provide additional value to you. So please, keep sending us your questions, and we will be happy to do some more Q&A sessions in the future.

Here’s an overview of the questions I’m answering with this podcast:

  • Why do you think airline KPIs will change after the CORONA crisis?
  • Is there a huge difference between airline and airport KPIs?
  • What the heck are dynamic dashboards?
  • Are operation KPIs important in such a crisis?
  • Can you provide additional details of how eFueling works and what’s behind that concept?
  • Which systems should be connected to an airline dashboard?
  • You often mention the necessity of mobile KPIs. Do you personally prefer a tablet or smartphone KPI app?

And if you prefer listening on Google or Apple Podcasts, simply search for ID1 Audio Experience.

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