With this blog post, I want to put some light on a topic that probably sounds weird in the beginning but contains lots of truth in it: The reason why you love social media and you hate your airline (operation) KPI dashboard.

In a first step, you most likely think: What the heck has social media to do with an airline KPI dashboard? Of course, those are two completely different things. But nonetheless, I firmly believe that social media, for example, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or LinkedIn have some aspects in common that makes them so attractive. Things that make you spend a whole bunch of time every day using these platforms.

Furthermore, I believe that some of those aspects could and should be transferred to your KPI dashboard solution in order to enjoy working with it instead of not liking it.

So let me break it down into four aspects why I think you love social media and afterward I will transfer it to your KPI dashboard solution.

Social Media can be accessed everywhere

I’m actually not getting tired to mention that aspect. You have your mobile, you have the social apps on your mobile. And you can access those platforms whenever you want to — regardless of where you are.

You are in the bus in the morning. You are sitting at lunch. You are working out at the gym. Wherever you are — social media is just on click away. That is one super-relevant aspect.

Information is presented in a curated way

Of course, social media platforms use sophisticated algorithms. And this accounts for any of the social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

The thing now is that all of those platforms provide you with relevant and curated content. Content you are interested in. In case you don’t like videos about cats and dogs, Facebook, for example, will recognize it and won’t show this content in the future. Subsequently, you don’t get content that isn’t relevant to you but are only provided with relevant content.

Easy to digest information

Another very essential aspect is about consuming information and content on social media platforms. This is actually super-easy. You scroll through your timeline, find a piece of content that is interesting to you, click on it and consume it. And once you’re done you can continue to scroll through your timeline. Super-easy and enjoyable.

Information Push

Indeed, social media platforms want you to spend as much time on their platform as possible. So what are they doing? They are directly pushing information to your device whenever new and relevant content is available.

Someone is commenting on your post: You’ll receive a push-notification. A person posts content that might be of interest to you: You’ll receive a push-notification. Somebody sends you a message: You’ll receive a push-notification. Actually this list is endless.

All of these functions and all of those push-notifications have one common goal: Bringing you back onto the social media platform and making you to spend time on that platform.

Think about social media as a funnel on top of the internet

You have to consider social media —regardless of the platform— as a funnel on top of the internet. They provide you a whole bunch of information: Text, video, audio, pictures, etc. — but everything in a curated form, dedicated to your needs and easy to consume.

And the important aspect: Everything is only one click away.

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How to transfer that to your airline KPI dashboard

When you now think about your KPI dashboard or your KPI solution, I genuinely believe that most of the aspects just mentioned do not reflect your dashboard.

Your dashboard can’t be accessed everywhere. You can’t access it on your mobile. You can’t access it from home, from the gym or any other place. You have to sit in front of your laptop, have to open PDF documents or Powerpoint presentations. And of course, it is everything but fun to access this information.

Additionally, when talking about relevant and curated information I’m pretty sure your dashboard is the complete opposite. Many dashboards I’ve seen show a whole bunch of general KPIs and a vast variety of KPIs. Not tailored, not curated and not personalized. And most often the KPIs that are relevant to you account only for a small part on the dashboard.

In the context of “easy to digest” I’ve seen so many dashboards where you need training first in order to be able to understand the content. Lots of dashboards are far away from being easy to understand and easy to digest. That is mainly linked to the fact airlines pay much more attention to the KPI themselves than to how to visualize and present the information — which is a complete mistake (have a look here for additional information).

And finally, the aspect of getting actively pushed in order to bring back the attention to the dashboard is something I’ve seen very rarely. Just think about alerts that are pushed to mobiles whenever KPIs drop below a certain acceptance level or the value of a KPI is different with regard to previous days. Accordingly, that means that airline employees have to constantly monitor the dashboard.

If you want to find out more about the possibilities push-notifications provide, head over to this article.


I stronlgy believe that the four mentioned aspects: Accessible everywhere, curated and personalized information, easy to digets and getting actively alerted are the main reasons why you spend such an enormous amout of time on social media.

And those are the aspects that usually do not account for airline KPI dashboard — ending up in the result that you love social media and hate your KPI dashboard — although you have to work with it.

So the simple advice: Try to copy, try to adapt these aspects from social media. These platforms are successful because they are doing are a fantastic job. Once you start doing this you will start to enjoy using your KPI dashboard — promised.


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Benjamin is an aviation-enthusiast, a music-maniac, and CEO of Information Design (in this order). His daily business revolves around pioneering solutions with the aim to change the aviation industry. His visions are based on expertise gained in more than 15 years in the industry, and working with renowned airlines such as Lufthansa, Emirates, Air India, Aegean Airlines, Saudia Airlines, S7, Icelandair and many others.