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What you should know about the pricing of airline operations real-time dashboards?

In one of our last airline dashboard blog posts, I mentioned that a question that is usually raised within 30-60 minutes of an initial meeting with potential clients is "how long does it take to implement the aWall?"

The aWall is our real-time dashboard solution. And besides discussing the functionality and visuals, potential clients are usually very eager to know how soon they can get their aWall. However, besides functionality and duration, there’s, of course, a third aspect potential customers want to know: “What’s the price of the aWall?”

Additionally, many of our blog readers recently asked me to provide some information about the pricing of airline dashboards. With this blog post, I want to shed some light on this topic of airline dashboard pricing and provide details about the pricing structure of our real-time dashboard solution, aWall.

Bad news first: As you can imagine, there’s no one answer. Although I hate to say it, the first answer I can give you is, “it depends.” But let’s do a step by step approach to get closer to a more satisfactory answer.

1 – What kind of costs occur?

Let’s start at the top of the mountain and let us first define what kind of costs we are talking about. The aWall is based on two types of expenses: Initial setup costs and monthly subscription fees.

The initial setup costs occur only once and contain all efforts related to connecting systems, defining desired KPIs, setting up tailored aWalls, and joined Q&A.

Depending on selected business packages (see #2), the initial setup costs of an airline dashboard usually sums up to €10-20K.

Since the aWall is a cloud-based solution, clients can subscribe to different business packages (see #2) and add-ons (see #3). Subsequently, a monthly subscription fee has to be paid, which is calculated based on chosen packages and add-ons.

2 – Airline Dashboard Business Packages

The most important aspect when it comes to monthly fees is related to the business package clients chooses for their airline dashboard. A business package contains specific KPIs as well as visualization forms and concentrates on a specific airline business aspect.

Besides a core package which is mandatory and includes standard visualizations and KPIs (OTP, regularity, and many more), clients can additionally select the following packages:

  • Connex Management
  • Cargo Management
  • Weather Information
  • Airport Information
  • Safety Management
  • Maintenance Management

Monthly fees for business packages vary and are mainly driven by complexity. Low complexity packages start with €500 per month; complex ones are around €5,000. Worth mentioning at this point that most of our clients go for 2-3 packages. But we will do an exemplary calculation later on.

3 – Airline Dashboard Add-ons

Besides business packages which are required to operate the aWall, customers can select additional – optional – add-ons. Add-ons cover different aspects. Here are a few examples:

  • Historical values extension (the aWall is extended to showing historical values – weekly, monthly, etc.)
  • API Access (accessing the data with 3rd Party tool, for example, Tableau.
  • Additional user licenses
  • Extended mobile usage (smartwatch and push notifications)
  • Extended alerting (KPI alerts)
  • And more…

Monthly fees for add-on vary and start with €500.

Is there a typical pricing?

What I’ve observed is, that besides all potential packages and add-ons, an airline’s size probably plays the most crucial role. Usually, the larger an airline is the more business packages and add-ons it selects. Mid-sized airlines carefully select exactly those packages and add-ons, which help to improve their operations. Small-sized airlines very often only go for the standard set — which usually is sufficient for its operations and requirements.

Long story short – here are some numbers

When selecting the necessary basics only, an airline can operate the aWall with a monthly fee as low as approx. €3,000 per month. But this already includes all the cool stuff, as for example iPad usage, common KPIs, cutting-edge visualization and everything in real-time — just to name a few features.

And on the other end, when choosing most of the business packages and add-ons, the monthly fee can sum up to €20,000K. When looking at these numbers, my initial statement (“it depends”) really wasn’t wrong.

But I do I could give you a better feeling for a required investment when operating an operational airline dashboard.

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