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How long is the typical project duration to set up an Airline Operations KPI dashboard?

When discussing an aWall project with a potential airline, it usually takes only 30 to 60 minutes until the question is asked: “How long does it take? What's the estimated project duration to set up our dashboard?”.

It is, of course, an essential question for airlines and a key aspect of whether to start a project or not. With this blog post, we want to answer the mystical question of how long it takes to set up an Airline Operations KPI dashboard. Nonetheless, as you may imagine, the general answer is “it depends.”

But of course, we will narrow this down to give you a better feeling in terms of duration.

In-house vs. off-the-shelf — the key driver of your airline dashboard project duration.

First and foremost — and similar to other IT solutions — the most critical driver in terms of project duration lies in the decision whether to go for an in-house development or and off-the-shelf product, for example, the aWall. Unsurprisingly, using an off-the-shelf product massively accelerates the introduction of a KPI dashboard.

On the other side, an in-house development most often has to start from scratch. Therefore, in many cases, it requires 6 to 12 months until the first results are visible. This is at least what we have observed when discussing with airlines. This timeframe depends on factors as:

  • already existing IT infrastructure
  • required content and KPIs
  • desired devices (mobile versions)

From discussions with airlines that went down this road, we know that it takes 12-24 months on average to have a final product up-and-running.

Off-the-shelf product

Besides many other advantages, an off-the-shelf product enables airlines to speed up the implementation process massively. Nonetheless, there are still factors that influence a project duration.

Desired content

KPI dashboards solutions normally provide a set of ready-to-use information and KPIs they are capable of displaying. With the aWall, for example, we offer more than 100 KPIs an airline can select. However, if an airline requires additional KPIs or content, this may have to be developed.

Used systems

KPI dashboard solutions usually offer standardized interfaces to standard IT systems. The aWall, for example, has standard interfaces too many operations control systems (Sabre, AIMS, Netline, etc.), passenger service systems (Amadeus), and many other conventional airline systems (SITA, ACARS, etc.). Accordingly, these systems can be connected in a blink-of-an-eye, whereas “non-standard” systems may take a few weeks longer.

Factors that doesn’t drive the project duration of your airline dashboard

The good news is that there are many aspects which are directly available when going for an off-the-shelf product. Therefore, these aspects don’t influence the duration at all.


Off-the-shelf products should offer support to all required devices, for example, large screens, mobile, pads. Accordingly, this doesn’t — or at least only slightly — increases the project duration.


Ready-to-use products usually come with a defined visualization concept. Additionally, many of them can customize the design according to your airline’s design requirements easily.


This is probably a massive advantage of off-the-shelf products. You don’t have to take care of the definition and calculation of KPIs. Since this is a very time-consuming, painful, and lengthy process, a ready-to-use product can accelerate this enormously.

What does that all mean in the context of a setup duration?

From our experience, setting up an off-the-shelf KPI Solution shouldn’t take longer than 3 months. In case the project concentrates on only one or two source systems, and you are using standardized systems, the duration should be shortened to 1-month maximum.

Setting up an off-the-shelf solution shouldn’t take longer than 1-3 months until a first productive version is up-and-running. When concentrating on one source system the excercise should be completed even quicker.

With the aWall, we usually can provide at least a first version 2-4 weeks after contract sign-off. And bear mind, in this case, we are talking about a fully-fledged version on different devices.

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